Music Survey

The Rules:
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question. NO CHEATING!
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense.
4. Comment on it.
5. Tag 5 people.

1) How are you feeling today?
You’re Not Sorry (Taylor Swift) – Hahahahaha! Kenapalah I have this song! I’m in the monotonous life right now and how I wish I can have that hectic life very very soon as I don’t quite like to be someone who’s left behind. Yalah, semua urang sibuk kerja sendiri and I don’t have something to do dan paling teruk, mengacau orang saja. My life is so BORING! Huahuahuahua! Opps! I have to answer this question based on the title kan? Ya, I dislike the attitude of saying that he/she is sorry tapi pada hakikatnya he/she does not mean it. Inda sincere dan hanya untuk mau rip the benefits lepas tu kasi tinggal bila inda berguna sudah. Kuangkuangkuang! Tinguk dulu bah sepa main game. Kalau belum pernah main game, better berlatih guna itu PS3 or Wii!!!! Muahahahah~
2) Will you get far in life?
Dear Life (Chantal Kreviazuk) – I’m over playin’ with your massive ego… Still I keep on holding on for dear life… Muahahahah! Entahlah… Aku pun enggak tau sih…
3) What’s your best friend’s theme song?
Kill The Remix (The Masochist) – Hahahahah~ Never asked what kind of song that she’s into… Hahahahah~
4) What is the story of your life?
Far Away (Chantal Kreviazuk) – Past, Present or Future? Hahaha~ I have a life which is full with thorns and thistles… Tapi, if only you can understand this “Make me believe in you. Honestly for real, one thing true. Take me in, in your arms. Wandering alone seems so far. Let me know that you made it as far as forever, Let me know that you hear when I cry if you can…  You’re far away from me. You’re far away from me. You’re far away from me. Come a little closer. Just a little, oh…”
5) What was high school like?
Smack Into You (John McLaughlin) – Apa ni??? Lagu sintan tapi the question is about my high school… Apa sia mo jawab? Inda ada relations pun… Inverse relationship.. How about sia bilang I had A FEW *silent* admirers and some boyfriends? Paling lama punya kisah sintan pun mo dakat 3 tahun then we’re done sebab badan inda sexy! Muahahahah~ I wonder if dia masih ingat lagi itu statement dia yang bilang macam kayu balak saja sia ni… That’s the funniest statement yang sia inda dapat lupa sampai sekarang and nanti sia mo kasi main-main dia tu. Well, kasi jadi bahan lawak sajalah bah… Kada kotogod, biasalah kan mo kasi relate sama itu sintan sama high school… Kalau bilang cerita itu high school – Paling baguslah sia tondila bila Mr. Lee Wah Ban angkat tu sijil tinggi-tinggi sampai sia pusing kepala pigi kanan (which that time itu cikgu-cikgu semua duduk di sana… During assembly juga) and sia tondila (tondila sama cikgu-cikgu)! Dalam hati sia bilang, “Gosh! Embarrassing!!!!!” Pasal skulah, I had fun there for 5 years – Camping, Abseiling, Counseling (inda payah cakap), Kerja Amal, etc… Paling sia rasa susah mo lupa gara-gara kamirang mo study untuk PMR saja dan terlampau rajin… Siorang baca buku rujukan bila time tu untuk baca buku cerita. Turus kena suruh lari round padang sekolah 2 rounds. Itu boyfriend dari tingkat 3 di atas sana punyalah katawa diorang semua. Bikin malu! Friends? Ramai… Di sanalah sia jumpa diorang Zodee yang jajal (sekarang jadi cikgu sudah lor), Harry, Rosemary, Julie, Bivient, Livia, Surianee, John Jeffry (sekarang makeup artist wor), etc. Belum lagi sia jumpa kawan sia yang jadi Datuk. Yang ada pun bakal mo jadi Dr sudah sebab mo habis sudah PhD dia. Woah! *full stop and I know mimang ada keluar tajuk*
6) How can you get ahead with life?
Breathe (Lee Carr) – Bernafas lah bah… Muahahahaha! Bagus butul jawapan untuk ini… Hahahahah~
7) What’s the best thing about your friends?
Stuck With Each Other (Shontelle) – Inda payahlah sia explain… Stuck with each other saja… Heheheheheh~
8) Describe your grandparents.
Seventeen Forever (Metro Station) – Huahuahuahuahuahuahuahua! Lawak!!!!! Kalaulah butul-butul gini… Hahahahhhaha~
9) How’s your life going?
Feels Like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk) – Selalu saja di rumah… So, you can expect how my life’s going on… BBTV – Bangun, Belajar, Tidur, Voiceless… Muahahahahah!
10) What will be played at my funeral?
I Believe (R. Kelly) – Palis palis! Don’t ever play this song lah.. Nanti turus sia bangun balik wor… Muahahahah~ Paling Palis… Bulihkah ini soalan jangan ada pasal funeral… Mulau…
11) Will you have a happy life?
Time (Chantal Kreviazuk) – Time will tell whether I will lead a happy life or not… It all depends on my decision because my own happiness is in my hand now… I hold my own future and of course I ask God to help me…
12) What do your friends really think of you?
Surrounded (Chantal Kreviazuk) – Entahlah… Yang sia tau sia ada ramai kawan… I’m grateful to have them and of course they are more precious than a thousand diamonds.
13) Do people secretly lust after you?
Hallelujah (Alexandra Burke) – Uii… Apa ni ooo? Mulau! I don’t know about those secret lusts… Biarlah diorang… Apa sia paduli… Buat bodoh saja bah… Hahahhah~
14) How can you make yourself happy?
Born To Love You Forever (Charice) – Muahahahah! I guess this title said it all…
15) Will you ever have children?
Come Back To Me (Utada Hikaru) – Come back to me kan? Well, I wish to have children juga gia… Kalau ramai pun bagus juga sebab I don’t want them to feel the loneliness of ‘just-the-2-of-us’… Punya sadis tu! Will I ever have children… Itu sia serahkan sama God… I may only pray to Him… Heheheheh~
16) What song would you strip to?
Fuck You Bitch (DJ Verstarker) – Sot sot sot!
17) What does your mom think of you?
Melbourne Shuffle (Internal External) – My mom ingat sia punya life macam shuffle… Hahahahah~ I think so… Hahahahahah~
18) What is your deep, dark secret?
Prisoner of Love (Utada Hikaru) – Korang carilah tu lirik lagu dia… Itulah dark secret sia… Hahahahahahah~
19) What is your enemy’s theme song?
Just Do It (Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) – Maybelah ini lagu theme song untuk diorang… Hahahahaha~ I don’t know and who cares… Tiada urang mo cari pasal sama diorang bah atau mo bermusuh kalau bukan diorang sendiri mula dan saja mo cari pasal.
20) What’s your personality like?
Julia (Chantal Kreviazuk) – Korang cari itu lirik dia… Gitu laitu kalau korang bulih faham metaphore dia… Heheheheh~
21) What will be played at your wedding?
If I Were A Boy (Beyonce feat. R. Kelly) – Aku inda mau ini lagu kena kasi main kalau sia kahwin… Sia mau lagu Dusun kena kasi nyanyi… Kalau inda, itu si LUGU sia import dari Jipun untuk menyanyi Tompu Kirik Kirik… Hahahahah~ (Ya, sia faham tu ada urang yang minat butul mo baca ini pasal KAHWIN… Sia tau ko membaca dalam diam tu, Tomm! Sia tunggu si ko dulu kawin then si Kidit then yang lain-lain tu… Sia kasi balakang-balakang sebab sia punya kangkarud si ND300 suka kena pigang-pigang saja… Wei, Nikon… Nikon!)
Now… I’m tagging:
  1. daphne santor
  2. wel
  3. pammie joeh
  4. olumis
  5. mamaii

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