The Jesselton Girl Music: Girls' Generation 's 5th Album [K-POP]
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Music: Girls’ Generation ‘s 5th Album [K-POP]

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I’ve been waiting for this thing! I got the news of their recent released of Girls’ Generation 5th Album from AllKpop and Soshified. Their last released album was Mr. Mr. in 2014. Yes. The long awaited album from Girls’ Generation can now be purchased via iTunes for US$11.99. Bro was the first one who bought his own GG from iTunes and he bragged a lot! So, I’ve decided to get one for my collection after listening the full album from my bro’s playlist.

The album itself consists of 12 tracks which includes a variety of pop genres composed by world renowned production teams and artists such as The Underdos, Kenzie, and Hitchhiker. The album was released in two (2) parts – Lion Heart, and You Think.

Girl’s Generation – Lion Heart MV
Girl’s Generation – Show Girls MV

The best thing is: I can now have GG as my latest playlist for my workout! I think I’ve fallen in love with their vintage dresses!

Track list:

  1. Lion Heart (3:44)
  2. You Think (3:08)
  3. PARTY (3:13)
  4. 어떤 오후 One Afternoon (3:35)
  5. Show Girls (3:39)
  6. Fire Alarm (3:11)
  7. Talk Talk (3:23)
  8. Green Light (2:52)
  9. Paradise (3:50)
  10. Check (3:26)
  11. Sign (3:17)
  12. 예감 Bump It (3:48)

Most favourite tracks:

  • PARTY (3:13)
  • Lion Heart (3:44)
  • You Think (3:08)
  • Fire Alarm (3:11)
  • Talk Talk (3:23)
  • Green Light (2:52)
  • 예감 Bump It (3:48)

So-So tracks:

  • 어떤 오후 One Afternoon (3:35)
  • Show Girls (3:39)
  • Paradise (3:50)

Least favourite tracks:

  • Check (3:26)
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