Molten Lava Chocolate

Novie has made me really really really really TIGIRAN… I don’t care lah if she’s a human being… She has made me wanna TALAN HIDUP HIDUP. Adakah YM YM saja turus bilang Molten Lava Chocolcate Cake! Cis cis cis! Inda apa… Nanti tiba-tiba sia turus fly pigi KL, baru dia tau… Inda pa… I think I’ve found the recipe over the Internet and I’ll bake one this week or probably next week as I need to sort of things lu by this week. She asked me apa flavour yang paling sia suka… Well… I rank my favourite flavours as follows:
#1 – Yam (Kajen-kajen sia bilang ini urang tua punya flavour. Bagi sia, yam lah yang paling inda manis and that’s why mostly orang tua suka makan. Anyway, banyak khasiat bah Yam.)
#2 – Chocolate (Ngam untuk kalau time kesejukan and rasa mo kasi tambah berat badan. I’d prefer DARK CHOCOLATE sebab it’s good for skin… Anti-oxidant bah!)
#3 – Durian (I’m a Durian craze but due to health reason… I need to limit and if possible to restrain myself from indulging with the flavour of Durian. Kasian kan?)
#4 – Vanilla (I’d stick to unsweetened vanilla… Yang inda banyak gula… In other words, inda terlampau manis. Kalau inda, I’ll end up paning-paning lalat…)
#5 – Lemon (Sadap bah ni especially after a friend purposedly bagi sia makan Lemon Pie the other day… SADAP!)
OK… Me sambung lagi chatting sama si Novie… Click her name for more… Itu gambar si Novie tu.
p.s. who is Novie? She’s actually my kajen… If you happened to know DENGKOS, then itulah juga si dengkos punya kajen. The world is really a small place to live after all!

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