The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)
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Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

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This is supposed to be posted last month but I was so busy with other reviews and my studies (of course). I got this Bambangan juice when I was doing my shopping at Suria Sabah a few months ago. There was a fair at that time, and the huge poster of Bambangan really caught my attention. I asked my hubby about getting a bottle of it but we ended up buying 2 bottles of Bambangan juice and a bottle of Bambangan cordial. I told my hubby that I would not write a review about this local product if it was not as what I expected. Kalau tulis pun, nanti kesian pula perniagaan orang tempatan kita. Anyway, today’s post is going to be this local product – Yes. I have decided to write a review about this local product because of a few reasons. This is not a paid review, anyway.

For those who are not familiar with Bambangan, this local fruit can only be found in Borneo – Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan. The flesh is like mango except that Bambangan is bigger, sometimes like the head of a one year-old toddler. It can be eaten raw, or as pickles. Bambangan is also known as Embang in Sarawak, and I’ve tasted a Bambangan cooked with chicken when I was studying in UiTM Kota Samarahan. It was delicious, and I actually asked my mom to cook Ayam Masak Merah with Bambangan when I came here for a semester break. Alas, my mum was not fancy with spicy foods. LOL!

The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

Okay. Here’s what I think about this Bambangan juice. The product packaging is considered as acceptable as it includes the basic information about the product, and the contact number for marketing purpose. It comes in a plastic bottle which I find it is similar to a mini milk bottle. The cap is quite tight which is quite to my dislike. It would be better if it is a plastic cap just like those mineral bottle. I guess they have changed the cap by now because I have seen some photos on the social media recently that the new bottle has a new cap.

The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

Bambangan juice is also known for its remarkable health benefits. It has real Bambangan  juice, not just some mere cordial taste added with water to get the flavour. It has sweet and sour taste which I find it is quite amazing. It is best to drink while it is still cold. Kalau tidak sejuk, inda berapa sadap mo minum gia.

The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

As for the price, the price might be a bit expensive for some people but considering the process of peeling off the thick skin, and extracting the juice from the flesh, that should be quite tiring. Sendiri bikin pun belum tentu bulih sampai satu jag penuh tu. I think the price is inclusive of cost of transportation and so on. One should never expect the price should be as par of what is available on the top rack of the supermarket.

The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

The only thing that I noticed is the difficulties to get a bottle of this product. They are only available in certain groceries and markets. They do have Instagram, and Website, but the only sad thing is the both Instagram and Website are left without any updates. I would really love to see this local product to reach internationally because this product has its own potential.

The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

My Verdict

I would definitely repurchase again because of its amazing taste and health benefits. The only disadvantage is how to purchase this product as I noticed it is rare to find Bambangan juice sold in the supermarkets. It would be great if the company can list down the agents and distributors so it is easier to reach the targeted customers.

The Jesselton Girl Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

 Rass Enterprise: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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