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Local: Catch Your Dreams with Lidtz’s Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a handmade craft consists of a round hoop which is woven with a loose web of yarn and decorated with beads and feathers hanging below the hoop. The dreamcatcher is an ancient Chippewa tradition that has been passed down for many generations. The dreamcatcher is hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams, and evil spirits. It is believed that dreamcatcher would catch the bad dreams and evil spirits which would then disappear as the first rays of the morning light hit the dreamcatcher. 


Lidtz's Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is made in various ways and styles, but the famous one is the woven round hoop. I received my dreamcatcher from a dear friend who operates a custom made dreamcatcher. It’s a keychain! I just love my blue dreamcatcher. I might ask Lidtz to make me a bigger dreamcatcher to hang it on the wall. 

Lidtz's Dreamcatcher

You can contact Lidtz if you’re looking for someone to do a dreamcatcher as a gift, door gift, or for yourself. You can personalise your own dreamcatcher with beads, charms, or with other colored string to match your style. Make sure to place your order earlier because she can be fully occupied.

Lidtz's Dreamcatcher

The price is reasonable depending on the design. As for the keychain, the price starts as low as MYR10. You can check the price list here. Remember to always get a sample of your preferred dreamcatcher if you wanted to have your own custom made dreamcatcher.

Lidtz's Dreamcatcher

Here’s how you can contact Lidtz. You can Whatsapp or drop her an SMS at +6010-382-0145 or email at Lydiana_lidtz [at] You can also check her Facebook, and Instagram for more designs.

Lidtz's Dreamcatcher

Lidtz’s Dreamcatcher: Facebook | Instagram

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