Less than 2 weeks!!!!

I will be having my final exam starting from 10th November, 2008 til 20th November, 2008 (macam lah bah sia ambil SPM…)… In other words, my life will be as crazy as something that I can’t explain even using my own brain… Anyway, I’m looking forward my vacations… I can hardly wait to meet my fellow friends who are working in KL! Hello, KL… I’m coming!!!!
After KL… It’s going to be Labuan and Kuching!!!!! I just need my CHRISTMAS VACATIONS!!!!! Hehehehe… Mau kasi habis duit hujung tahun lu…
Without further adieu…
I’m still on HIATUS… eh… I mean this blog bah… V(^_^)V *say peace*

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