KENTE’09 Family Photos

I’ve been with KaDus Entertainment (KE) since 2006. I was studying in UiTM Sarawak that time when KaDus told me about his brilliant idea – Biasa siorang on the phoned when I was bored with my FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (I wonder why did I take the subject that I never got A’s!). Frankly speaking, memang I went jaw-dropped when he said he wanted me to be part of it – Part of KE (I always had low self-esteem back then. So, orang pertama yang break itu chains tu si KaDus lah – I should say thanks to him). I thought maybe it’s a good idea lah helping him sebab I love helping others especially when it comes to something that I really wanted to do. Anyway, I never expected that KE goes until this stage (especially with the help and involvement from others who are more experienced). Satu saja yang sia masih takut sampai sekarang, tu si KaDus bilang dia mo ketuk kepala sia if sia berubah jadi someone yang bukan diri sia. Sia rasa begini juga sia ni sampai sekarang… Tiada berubah… Sebab sia inda mo kena KETUK kepala! Sakit bah tu!
Posing 1: Belum Ready… Apa inda… Balik-balik bilang “1, 2, 3…” then tukar posing… “1, 2, 3…” tukar posing… I thought dorang main-main saja. Rupa-rupanya serious sakan! Paling syok tinguk tu muka MR. BANGAI SUMPITAN MAUT – Macam jeles tinguk si MR. BANGAI DJ MARK*TUT*. Oh ya! Inda lupa si MR.BANGAI TOM TOM BAK – Macam dia ada mo cakap sama tu jurukamera.

Posing 2: Posing paling glamour di sini adalah MR. BANGAI GOGDS. Mahal tu posing, gogds! Si MR. BANGAI DJ MARK*TUT* pula macam cuba menyebarkan sesuatu… *Kada kotogod*

Posing 3: Inilah posing paling maut semaut-mautnya… Masing-masing ada gaya sendiri… Tapi, sia masih inda puas hati sama itu “1, 2, 3… Tukar posing… 1, 2, 3… Tukar posing…”. Kalah-kalah tu army dalam perbarisan… Muahahahahaha!

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