The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry
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Health: The Hype of Acai Berry

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Most of us know what are the benefits of this dark purple colour fruit. Acai Berry grows in the rain forests and similar to the size of a grape. Acai Berry is considered as one of the superfoods because of its anti-oxidants, amino acids, fibre, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The popularity of Acai Berry is due to its high concentration of anti-oxidant properties in which prevent cell damages. Anthocyanins in Acai Berry is an excellent anti-oxidants for heart health as well as prevent the oxidation of cholesterol.

Basically, Acai Berry can actually aid in weight loss because anti-oxidants that exist in Acai do help with neutralising the by-products of fat burning and ensure that the body can continue burning fat. Apart from that, fibre found in Acai Berry skin and pulp actually aid digestion through cleansing the colon or detox your toxic build-up that increase your weight. 

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As mentioned earlier, the Acai Berry only contribute to burning fat more efficiently as well as boost metabolism. It does not promote faster weight loss as researchers have found that overweight adults taking 100 grams of Acai pulp twice a day for 30 days actually has reductions in fasting glucose, insulin levels, and total cholesterol  There’s no effect on blood pressure. Acai Berry has anti-inflammatory properties which fight inflammation that has been linked to heart disease and stroke. 

If you’re looking for Acai Berry to help you detox, here are some of Acai Berry supplements which are available over the Internet. However, you might need to avoid taking Acai Berry if you are allergic to pollen or sensitive to berries.

The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry
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The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry
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The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry
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The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry
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The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry
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The Jesselton Girl Health: The Hype of Acai Berry

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