The Jesselton Girl Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan
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Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan

Hari Raya is something that I celebrate together with my Muslim friends and families. It’s the day where we gather together and share some nice stories (and beauty tips, of course!). When we know it’s going to be a festive Hari Raya, most of us would look out for something that make us look nicer and prettier. Here are 5 reasons to shop at Althea this Ramadhan, especially if you are looking for something nice for yourself or your besties. Setahun hanya sekali, merayakan hari yang mulia ini. Read more to find out more about it. 

Hari Raya is not about makan-makan only but also getting to know each others better. Some of us would share tips on how to get rid of acnes, or lose weights. The list is endless, anyway. For most of the Sabahans (and Sarawakians), we usually visit our Muslim families and friends during Hari Raya. We celebrate Hari Raya together in peace and harmony despite of our different beliefs. As for women, the only thing that we would have in our topic is beauty and skincare products. Yup. If you want to have a flawless Raya look, here are five (5) reasons to shop with Althea this Ramadhan. Beli awal-awal sebab cepat sahaja habis barang-barang di sini.

The Jesselton Girl Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan

Reason #1:  Althea only offers authentic Korean products. Teda Ciplak atau ‘inspired’. For instance, authentic Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is sold at Althea, and delivered direct from Nature Republic in Korea. The price is cheaper than the ‘inspired’ version of Aloe Vera Soothing Gel which is sold on the market.

The Jesselton Girl Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan

Reason #2: A nice pair of eyebrows makes you look ayu when donning with your Baju Raya. Never go out with a Shinchan’s eyebrows. All you need is a pair of Korean-like simple and nice eyebrows. Althea has the latest products for your eyebrows, and they are within your budget. Try out Secret Key Tattoo Eye Brow Tint PackAritaum IDOL Brow Mascara, Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect EyebrowEtude House Drawing Eye BrowSkinfood Eyebrow Powder CakeEtude House Color My Brows, or Witch’s Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow. They are all below RM30!

The Jesselton Girl Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan

Reason #3: Althea has a wide range of Cushion Cream! This is where I usually bought my Cushion Cream whenever I’m running out of it. Here are some of the Cushion Creams which my Korean Sister-in-Law would love you to try out – Laneige BB cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ PA+++, HERA UV Mist Cushion NudeBanila Co VV Bouncing CushionTov Camellia Air Cusion SPF30 PA++Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++, and THE FACESHOP CC Long lasting Cushion Sulley.

The Jesselton Girl Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan

Reason #4: If you are an avid fan of Althea (including the box), you can simply get their limited edition Ramadhan box which is very adorable. Perfect to be given as a gift or just for collection. Most of Althea fans would grab their shopping cart as soon as they know about this limited edition box. If you’re not yet a member, sign up now to get your RM20 credits. Trust me. You will never regret shopping at Althea!

The Jesselton Girl Five (5) Reasons to Shop @ Althea this Ramadhan

Reason #5: Last but not least, you can get one (1) festive gift from Althea in conjunction with their Raya Giveaway Festival.

There are more than 5 reasons for our beauty haul this Ramadhan and Raya. Hurry up! Jangan tunggu lama-lama! Go to Althea now and get yourself those nice things for your Raya look (and also for other events!).

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