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Review: YOKO Milky Shower Cream

If you watched or read Doraemon before, then you know that Shizuka loves having milk bath. There’s actually several scenes where Shizuka was enjoying taking her milk bath when suddenly Nobita bumped into the shower room using Doramon’s gadget. Milk is believed to make skin glows, and even Cleopatra used to bath in milk to soften her skin. In fact, lactic acids and enzymes that are present in milk actually promotes a smooth and supple skin.  Continue Reading

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Review: YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum

I wished I can sip a cup of cappuccino at a nearby coffee shop right now but I guess I have to forget it as I’m way too lazy to go out at the moment. It has been raining cats and dogs lately, and I’m stuck in the office with my works piling up. It’s almost end of the year, and there are tons of accounts to be done before dateline. I admit that I don’t like to be ‘jailed’ in the office as I always believe that the air-cond would leave to dryness. Yes. The air-cond can give dryness to the face, hands, and feet. For some people, the dryness could result in flaking, cracking, or even eczema. Dry skin. Nobody loves looking at their flaky skin, anyway. I feel you. Let’s talk about a nice body serum that would leave your skin supple, smooth, and hydrated. The one that would never let you feel as if you’re applying cooking oil on your body – sticky, and oily. Continue Reading

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Review: Yoko Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum SPF 25 PA++

I have a friend who asked me how to maintain a healthy, radiant, and fair skin because she tried everything and trust me, she even bought every single whitening body lotion from the drugstores and applied more than 5 layers a day (using different body lotions). So, I asked her if she got herself a body serum at home, and she replied ‘No’. She then asked me the what are differences between body serum, and body lotion as she thought that both were the same thing. In fact, we often assume that serum is a lotion because they look all the same. Continue Reading

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Shopping: Here’s The Reason Why People Like Dresses by Landy Bridal
Still deciding what to wear to prom? Well, it’s time to ditch your day-to-day outfits, and be a Cinderella. You’re not going to do the same fashion mistakes as what the other celebrities made previously. Thus, it’s better to opt for a silhouette that is timeless which show off your curve. Simple accessories will enhance your look. When in doubt, always go for vintage style. In short, let’s get a new prom dresses. Remember Mila Kunis’ lavendar lace evening gown which she wore during Oscar Red Carpet 2011? We’ll focus on purple shade this time. Ditch the black, red, or gold. It’s show time!

Continue Reading

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Beauty: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++

It’s pretty hot today, and I’m fully occupied with this accounting thingy in the office. I’m looking forward for a rainy day so I can sip a cup of hot coffee. LOL! I just hope my BB cream doesn’t make my skin dry as I’ve been in the office since morning, and I haven’t go out as it’s pretty hot out there. Yeah. The weather in Kota Kinabalu is dry at the moment. Anyway, I have a few BB cream in my make-up box at the moment, and I’ve decided to write a review on Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++ which I was supposed to review a few weeks ago but due to my lappy has to be sent out for some minor repair, thus this post is delayed. Continue Reading

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Shopping: Natta Cosme

I know I haven’t write any reviews recently as I had to send my lappy to be repaired, and it took a month to have it back. Here I am doing my reviews again. I really miss writing using my Macbook, tho. Okay. Let’s get it straight to the point. First and foremost, I would love to thank Natta Cosme for the sponsorship. It’s an honour to receive such an offer, and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, Natta Cosme! I received my package from Natta Cosme a few weeks ago and jotted down some notes so I don’t have to wait long to write about it. Natta Cosme has been my favourite online beauty shop since 2011 as their products include skin care, body wash, and make-up set. Most of the products are not available in Malaysia, and are imported all the way from Japan, US, Korea, and Taiwan.  Continue Reading


Be Part of the New Brabham

Brabham last appeared in F1 in 1992, and currently on their way of coming back in action in 2015! This can be a great news to motorsport fans especially those who have been around motorsport will surely know the name Brabham is part of the history. Continue Reading

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