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Food: BBQ Chicken @ Imago Mall Sabah

My first experience having a delightful was BBQ Chicken @ Berjaya Times Square a few years back. It was a pleasant one as the customer service was a nice one. I understand that when we mentioned ‘franchise’, it means ‘standardised and controlled quality’. I loved the food served there, and the cleanliness was at itsContinue Reading “Food: BBQ Chicken @ Imago Mall Sabah”

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Beauty: Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

I went to stop by at Daiso after I saw Ivy Jaculine’s review on her Instagram a few months ago. I’ve never thought that Daiso has make-up brush cleaner until I asked Ivy where did she buy the brush cleaner which comes in a pinkish 150ml bottle. I was skeptical at first but bought aContinue Reading “Beauty: Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner”

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Deals: The Trending Stuff About Aéropostale

We might not have Aéropostale store here in Sabah but we can actually place order via their online store. For those who are unfamiliar with Aéropostale, it’s actually a specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories owned by American. The store principally targets both adults and kids aged from 4 to 40 years old.

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Shopping: Why Is 3V Gear The Most Trending Thing Now?

Planning for a hike or camp next month? Are you looking for quality outdoor items that are intended for shooting sports, hunting, hiking, camping, adventures, military, police, security, survival and tactical uses? There are a few online stores which you can find on the Internet but 3V GEAR (Veni Vidi Vici) is the best onlineContinue Reading “Shopping: Why Is 3V Gear The Most Trending Thing Now?”

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Shopping: Affordable Authentic Bags at Glampot

I have a few cousins and aunties who love designer bags a lot, and there are a few names which they love to have. However, getting an authentic ones via online can be quite difficult as the market is flooded by counterfeit items which almost look similar to the original version. Moreover, it’s hard toContinue Reading “Shopping: Affordable Authentic Bags at Glampot”

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Wedding: Floral Collection by Dream Wedding (日系婚紗嫁衣)

Getting tired with the same old wedding gown worn by Princess Catherine when she got married to Prince William some years ago? Her style is timeless but you should create your own style on your big day, make it something special for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t want your kids to think thatContinue Reading “Wedding: Floral Collection by Dream Wedding (日系婚紗嫁衣)”

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Wedding: InWedding (Hong Kong) Latest Package for 2016

If you’re planning to get married in Hong Kong this year, you should check a bridal shop that provides other services such as make-up, and photography services. However, not all bridal shops that provide the make-up, and photography services which suit you. That’s why you need to get yourself make-up artist, and photographer that canContinue Reading “Wedding: InWedding (Hong Kong) Latest Package for 2016”

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Shop: Get Your Christmas Gift from ROCK Gifts & Book Centre

You know it’s hard to do your Christmas shopping when it’s almost Christmas. The city will be packed with people who are doing their Christmas shopping as well as buying things for their kids. As usual, the traffic jams are going to be the worst – you spend more times inside your car, stuck inContinue Reading “Shop: Get Your Christmas Gift from ROCK Gifts & Book Centre”

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Shopping: Why You Should Never Let 65Daigou Buy For You

Happy Diwali to all my Indian readers! It was a hectic week as I had to finish up all the urgent tasks. It feels great when today is my day of rest where I can curl, and sleep like a baby. LOL! Anyway, there will be a huge online sale starting tomorrow in which we canContinue Reading “Shopping: Why You Should Never Let 65Daigou Buy For You”

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Where To Buy: Baby Diapers

I always love the feeling of being a mother even though that ‘feeling’ includes exhausted, and sleep deprivation. Yet, I still look forward for every single minute I spend with my kids. These kids, somehow, turn me into someone who always stay alert with the latest updates especially when it is related to price. ThisContinue Reading “Where To Buy: Baby Diapers”