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Review: Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream (Sabah)

I was first introduced with Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream by a friend of mine, Ivee, who is also a talented make-up artist which I have known for a few years. I love how the colour stay on her lips in vogue and with a class. This may not be the famous the overlord Kylie Jenner’s lippie product but this ultra-pigmented matte formula made by another Sabahan entrepreneur, Zura Anwar, really caught my attention. So, I personally (and being a mystery online shopper. Haha!) bought 4 shades of Zhuco Cosmetics from their online store. Interested to know more about what I think about those lippie matte cream? Well, you need to continue reading this post.

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Bookurve: A Malaysian Online Bookstore By Book Lovers For Readers

It can be difficult when we need to find a nice book to read because there are gazillion books available on the bookshelves. Besides, it’s time-consuming to read the reviews because some of these reviewers might not like the genres that we loved so much. I recently stumbled into an online bookstore which I would like to share with you because most of the books are recommended by readers. It’s a place where only recommended books are sold, which I find it’s more convenient because I no longer have to read books which I would regret because of what I called as ‘not my cup of tea’. Continue Reading

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Shopping: Affordable Girl’s Communion Dresses at Mariacommunion

Choosing your daughter’s First Holy Communion dresses can be pretty daunting yet like any special events, receiving the sacrament of holy communion is an important rite of passage in your daughter’s life. She spent months to get herself spiritually, mentally, and physically understanding the significance of receiving the Lord for the first time. Moreover, it is a memorable occasion of highlighting the Holy Eucharist as well as becoming a full participant in the Church.  Continue Reading

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Beauty: Maniqure – The Best Nail Spa Salon in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A set of well-groomed nails are an essential part of every woman’s look as it makes women feel good about themselves. Thus, professional manicurists can do wonderful things by creating beautiful designs, extensions, and reconstructions to ensure complete comfort and satisfaction. At Maniqure, you can get all these services done without having a single regret.

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Local: MUAH Studio Academy has its New Premise at 333 Plaza

I went to attend MUAH Studio Academy to show my support to my former make-up academy in which I earned my Professional Diploma in Makeup Artistry a few years ago. MUAH Studio Academy has never failed to produce certified and talented Make-Up Artists in Sabah (and Sarawak), and I’m proud that I was taught by the Principal of MUAH Studio Academy, Ms. Beverley Shim. Today was MUAH Studio Academy grand opening of their new premise at 333 Plaza, Kobusak, Penampang.

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Review: NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

I have always been a fan of NYX Cosmetics because they never failed to offer great make-up products at the most affordable price. Today, I’m going to review on NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette.I got myself all 4 sets NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette from, with the helps from my aunties, and cousins who are residing in the States. I fell in love with the colors when I saw NYX Cosmetics posted them on their Instagram a few months back. I’m not sure if they are now available in Sephora or any other local online stores. Let me know if you spotted these elsewhere.

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Deals: Get Your Photo Books As Low As MYR19.90 From Photobook

Being a regular customer at Photobook has given me the privilege to enjoy the latest offers which it’s hard to get anywhere else. I must say that their friendly and helpful assistants have made me to be one of their loyal customers. This is the place where I love to create beautiful photo books, and other large printings because I find it’s easier to personalize.

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Review: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

I always believe that the skin needs 2 important things, (i) exfoliator, and (ii) moisturiser. The skin tends to create dead skin cells on the surface of the skin which leaves the skin looking dull, rough, and dry. Exfoliation is very important because it helps to shed skin cells and generate new ones. In fact, exfoliation helps to clear clogged pores as well as to break up the pigmented cells to allow hyperpigmentation to fade. The best thing about exfoliation is it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as it tricks the skin to regenerate new cells.

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Shopping: Find The Simpsons on Kidrobot

It can be such a pain in the ass when you need to find a perfect gift for your friend who is a big fan of The Simpsons. I’ve seen some shops which are selling replica version of The Simpsons, and the quality is not as what I expected especially when the price is quite expensive. So, I decided to search on Google to find an online store that sell The Simpsons’ figurine. Luck was on my side because I stumbled upon Kidrobot!

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