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Shopping: Personalised Trinkets by Crafted By Mei

I love wearing handmade accessories so much because it always has its own value and characteristics. In fact, there’s a place where I love to have my accessories to be custom-made. And, if you’re still looking for something special to be given on Valentine’s Day, then you might have to ask Amelia Tan to sprinkle some loves onto your gift. Who is Amelia Tan, anyway? If you’re still clueless about her, she’s actually a talented Malaysian who custom made or personalised jewellery to suit your needs.  Continue Reading

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Wedding: Floral Collection by Dream Wedding (日系婚紗嫁衣)

Getting tired with the same old wedding gown worn by Princess Catherine when she got married to Prince William some years ago? Her style is timeless but you should create your own style on your big day, make it something special for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t want your kids to think that your era was all about Princess Catherine (just like when we saw our mothers wearing the same outfits as Princess Diana).

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Wedding: InWedding (Hong Kong) Latest Package for 2016

If you’re planning to get married in Hong Kong this year, you should check a bridal shop that provides other services such as make-up, and photography services. However, not all bridal shops that provide the make-up, and photography services which suit you. That’s why you need to get yourself make-up artist, and photographer that can carter your needs. InWedding in Hong Kong is excluded as they provide tiptop service on your big day.  Continue Reading

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Shopping: Why You Should Never Let 65Daigou Buy For You

Happy Diwali to all my Indian readers! It was a hectic week as I had to finish up all the urgent tasks. It feels great when today is my day of rest where I can curl, and sleep like a baby. LOL! Anyway, there will be a huge online sale starting tomorrow in which we can save more while doing our online shopping. Before that, please brace yourself while reading this post as I’m going to tell you the reason not to let yourself splurging so much shopping spree. Continue Reading

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Online: Why You Should Join Drypers Baby Club

It can be quite hard for mom and  mom-to-be to find the most relevant club that can offer benefits such as welcome gift, customized relevant topics on child’s development stage, as well as other exciting benefits. I’ve been a member of Drypers Baby Club since I was pregnant with my 1st child, and it’s one of the best club for mommies out there to keep in touch with other mommies as well as collecting points every time you bought home a Drypers.

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Online: Keep Shopping at Keep.Com

If you’re bored with Pinterest, and looking for a more shoppable Pinterest then you should get a free account at The site itself responds to the news when Pinterest has decided to ban all affiliates by launching their own affiliate service. Ouch! Previously, Pinterest users made money from the service as they could post products and then get commission from the sale if one of their followers went on to buy the item. It was a monetization heaven.  Continue Reading

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Experience: How I Earn Money From Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re thinking that it’s impossible to make money online, then you should consider this. We have many online shops and these people are ditching the rental fees as they are cutting more costs. You can see that most people doing their business on the Internet as part-time job. Yes. The Internet has been a place for money making. However, how many of us could withstand competing with each other, offering the same products? Some would take up to a level where they would badmouthing other sellers. Again, Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) marketing is very powerful, yet it can crush a business within seconds.  Continue Reading

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