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Is Seremban a Good Place To Be Called Home?

You have reached the age where you want to buy a house on your own. Whether to start a family or for own stay, there are so many houses available for sale recently, such as house for sale in Seremban. Are you currently looking for a place to buy a property? With so many housesContinue Reading “Is Seremban a Good Place To Be Called Home?”

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How To Style Natural Black Hair At Home?

Today many celebrities appear in different on different occasion frequently with different hairstyles. Under their influence, more and more women eager to change their hairstyle to keep up with the change of fashion trend. So there is a big market for hair products since they are very simple to use.

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True Story: How I Become an Althea-holic and Althea-ddict

Sorry for the long hiatus which I’m supposed to write something on my blog once a day. I’m currently stranded with a pile of works and also I have to monitor this project (which I’m not supposed to reveal at the moment). Anyway, today’s post is about how I ended up as an Althea-holic andContinue Reading “True Story: How I Become an Althea-holic and Althea-ddict”


My Perspective: Khai Puma Jamal – Singing My Line

Happy Thursday, people! I’m going to be a bit busy today as I need to sort things off before weekend. My friend dropped me a message about his latest single. According to him, the song is actually dedicated to his friends who have passed away not long ago. This song is quite melancholic as theContinue Reading “My Perspective: Khai Puma Jamal – Singing My Line”