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Shopping: A Nightmare with MySale.My
MySale.My is one of many online group/bulk buy websites which you can find over the Internet, and concept is similar to Gilt (USA) where you have to make pre-order for the items that they are currently selling. Most of items sold are apparels, accessories, and some household items which they channel from big global brands at discounted or clearance price. I stumbled upon a few details on MySale.My while trying to learn more about undelivered orders by MySale.My (and how they tackle this problem), yet most of them have bad experience (and with unresolved matter) while doing online shopping with MySale.My lately. 

MySale.My is owned by an Australian company namely Ozsale Pty Limited, which also runs an online shopping site that has garnered lots of negative reviews over the Internet, i.e. You can read all the reviews on here

I had always been a loyal MySale.My customers prior this, and had never experienced problems such as undelivered orders, and gotten some fake or low quality items. Yet, this experience really which I encountered lately has changed my mind to shop online via MySale.My. I always do online shopping, and I am fully aware that there’s unavoidable risk of losing your orders during delivery process. However, I look forward on how the management tackles this kind of problem.
I made two (2) different pre-orders on NYX Cosmetics somewhere in May 2014, and was expecting both orders to reach me latest by the end of June 2014 as I need to restock my make-up box for any upcoming make-up jobs (Oh yes, I’m a freelance make-up artist). In fact, MySale.My does provide estimation on delivery date for every orders made by their customers. I admit that they have implemented a nice and friendly ordering system whereby customers can always place order either via their smartphone, tab, and computer, and track down the status of their orders. However, I’m pretty disappointed with the lacks with their operating system to ensure the orders reach their customers – SAFELY.

It’s normal for the customers to keep on asking for their order which is still undelivered even after the estimated delivery date has lapsed. I can understand the time spent by MySale.My personnel in dealing with this problem especially when the other party has not provide you with latest updates or responses. I mailed MySale.My TWICE, and only to receive one (1) package while the other one has been considered as cold case – not even a single news of the whereabouts, insisting me to assume that the other one was never delivered as the personnel does not even reveal the tracking number to me.

 So, my last message to MySale.My was on 26 August 2014. Alas, the reply is very disappointing!

And, all my orders including the undelivered order are all thrown into the dustbin, treating it as part of completed orders. Disappointed as I feel right now, and all I have to do is to vent out my irk on this blog to share my shopping nightmare in Elm Street with MySale.My.

I’m so sorry, MySale.My. I can no longer shop with confidence with you. Moreover, your shipping charge has gone up, and doesn’t even suit with the delivery service. My hubby also got a pair of shoes which you claimed as ‘Leather’ and (what’s more?) you claimed it is imported from UK. Alas, we found out the shoes come from a factory in China. Pardon me for being outlandish but I speak, read, and write Chinese. I have no problem to get information about the material from your supplier. Judging from the smell & look of the material, we found out that the shoes is wholly made from rubber or polycarbonate. Looking forward on how you tackle this problem, anyway. Good luck, MySale.My. Till then, I rest my case here.

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Let Me Get My Girly Shit: All About Facial Mask

340*365 Grateful-5 Years

Do you use facial masks as part of your skincare routine? I love facial masks, and I personally believe that it is the easiest way to pamper your skin without having to spend a lot of money on skincare products. Apart from it, facial masks never fail to give your skin with a big boost without fuss! Whether it is a cream, peel-off, or sheet based facial mask, I always find that facial mask is a great way to de-stress myself as well as enjoying other benefits from this one easy application. I usually put on my facial mask before bedtime since I’m not keen at applying night cream on my face as it would only leave my skin oily in the next morning. These are some of the facial masks which I would recommend you (and some of them are on sale right now!). 

Price: RM9.99
Price: RM71.20
Price: RM5.90
Price: RM5.90
Price: RM49.90
Looking for a 15% discount? Be sure to type DAYVE in coupon form during checkout. No, this is not a joke. You will get 15% discount when you type my name. It’s a treat for my beautiful readers out there! 🙂
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Book: More Mothers – A Children’s Bedtime Story
‘More Mothers’ by Scott Cramer

When Morley wishes for more mothers, he gets exactly what he wishes for, plus a whole lot more.
“More Mothers is a delightfully funny story that children will want to read over and over again,” Linda Bozzo, award-winning children’s author
“LOL,” Summer Graham, mother of seven
“An adorable, humorous story for children and mothers alike,” Dr. Cherrell Shelley-Robinson, senior lecturer, children’s literature
Available in Japanese (ASIN: B00MX40U7O), Portuguese (ASIN: B00N3X3UPS) and German (B00NGHUSUG)

What would you do if your mother has no time to play doll house, or read a bedtime story for you? Would you ask for more mothers (cloned one, perhaps)? I received this children illustrative e-book from Scott Cramer a few weeks ago, and only to have time reading this while I was waiting for my appointment with my OB/GYN. More Mothers is about Morley whose wishes to have more mothers come true because he is not getting enough attention from his mother. Unfortunately, having more mothers never solve Morley’s problem but create more issues in his life.
I must say that the story is quite straightforward, and it makes a great bedtime story for the kids. I personally love the ending part where Morley lives happily with a mother, yes, one mother. I like the illustration as it really depicts Morley’s story though I find some dull colours in it. Overall, it’s an interesting children book. Really enjoying reading it (I spent about 15 minutes to finish the book, tho).
Scott Cramer is a writer of another two (2) dystopian novels: ‘Night of the Purple Moon’, and ‘Colony East’. ‘More Mothers’ is his debut children’s illustrative book with a talented artist based in California, Jordan Novak. You can check for more of her art here. Cramer will come with his third book in The Toucan Trilogy, ‘Generation M’, in the near future. You can always get his latest updates by following his Facebook page.
Rating: 3 out of 5
Scott Cramer: Website | Facebook
Jordan Novak: Website | Facebook
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Thank You: Murad Malaysia – Age Reform Starter Kit
It’s so great to receive my giveaway prize from Murad Malaysia just now. I got myself a sample set of Murad Age Reform skincare which I am going to try for a few weeks before I make a review about this skincare product. Thank you, Murad Malaysia. It’s a pleasure to receive such a great product from you! I can hardly wait to write a review about this skincare! 

The prize comes with refreshing cleanser, day cream, and… a multi-function pedometer (inside the brown box). Hooray! Thank you sooo much, Murad Malaysia!

I’m very impressed with their packaging. It looked so great. Might as well going to let my hubby try on it. LOL!

You may read here about the previous giveaway contest held by Murad Malaysia. Don’t forget to hit the LIKE button on their page for latest updates on their products or contests!

Feel free to check for their latest products at Murad Malaysia website today! They have a friendly-user website which is easy to navigate, and with lots of information, too!
Murad Malaysia: Facebook | Website


Money: PanelPlace Paid Online Survey
PanelPlace - Earn From Paid Surveys
Most of us would love to have a little extra money in our life, and taking paid surveys online is a great way to get some extra cash in your spare time though you won’t get rich from it! PanelPlace was established in 1997 as a web portal dedicated to help survey respondents worldwide to benefit from paid surveys through a comprehensive and easy to use technology platform.
With its systematic follow-up system, 120 days cookies, and a good conversion rate, PanelPlace is a leading platform that provides genuine survey panels to its users. It has big user community that continuously aims at providing the companies with decent review of their surveys. It provides income source to more than 400,000 members worldwide via genuine rewards for participation in various surveys. After becoming a member of PanelPlace, a user can participate in any paid surveys that are going on. 
PanelPlace - Learn How to Make Money from Paid Surveys

PanelPlace offers you a comprehensive technology platform to participate in genuine paying Survey Panels and keep track of your survey activities. PanelPlace is a beneficial platform to make quick money by participation in online paid survey. It doesn’t involve any complex procedures for participation. Furthermore, it provides a direct link to the surveys that actually pay. 
Why Join PanelPlace?
  • It’s FREE. No risk.
  • PanelPlace shows you survey panels that really pay. No more worries on scam or spam.
  • PanelPlace continuously searches active and reputable panels for you. Save even more of your time.
  • PanelPlace helps you to keep track of your survey panels. No more worries on missing out.
PanelPlace - Make Money from Paid Surveys

p.s. Sia sudah join, dan memang percuma. Korang bila lagi? You might be also interested to check for proof of payments made by PanelPlace here.
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Shopping: Born Pretty Store
 Get yourself a Born Pretty Store Color Changing Nail Polish
Ever heard of Born Pretty Store before? Born Pretty Store is not your ordinary online shop which you always shop from. This shop offers a wide range of high quality beauty products which you can get at very affordable prices. It usually delivers products directly to consumers around the world, and they accept payment via PayPal, and other major credit cards. All orders will be shipped using major shipping express services.

Water Decals
Born Pretty Store also offers rewards their customers with rewards points, which could be used to buy any items from their website. Points are also rewarded when you buy their discounted items or submit product reviews, images, videos to their website.

Feel free to check out for their in-store offers by clicking the links below:

If you’re rather interested to earn extra income for yourself, you might as well be interested with their dropship programBorn Pretty Store offers worldwide free shipping service to all customers regardless of the price and distance with no minimum order requirements. Born Pretty Store ships the goods directly to your customers. You’ll only need to keep the price difference during the transaction. What’s more? They offer their dropship services to all customers for free. Moreover, they offer worldwide free shipping for all orders, and they will make sure the products you bought reach your buyer by free shipping safely and intactly. Click for more details about their dropship program today.

Born Pretty Store also has its own corner for customers who have actually purchased from their store.

Born Pretty Store is currently having a contest where 15 winners from all voting participants will be picked out, and get the whole set of 10 pieces best vote getters stamping designs. Those designs are yet to be launched soon. Interested to join the fun? Click here and here.

Don’t forget to follow their Instagram as you might grab away something from their free giveaway. Check out for their Instagram here.

False Eyelashes
Born Pretty Store: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr

Review: Skinfood Watery Berry Emulsion
What They Say
A dewy moisture emulsion that promotes soft, glowing skin with berry extracts and sodium hyaluronate. Watery Berry Emulsion contains three berry extracts – Lingon Berry & Articic Berry & Cloud Berry. Excellence at Antioxidant Activities against skin-aging. The Hyaluronic Acid transform dry skin into a soft, and glowing texture. The berries include cloud berries, lingon berries, raspberries provide superior antioxidant properties. 

What I Say
It’s the most unique (and very appealing) packaging I ever had so far and I would definitely make it as part of my collection once I have finished using it. 
The white liquid has a light floral and berry scent, but it fades quickly.
The texture is almost similar to Skinfood Royal Honey Emulsion except that this emulsion is more watery. I admit that the mild liquid texture absorbs quickly and does not leave behind sticky feeling. I love the rich moisture feeling, very nice.
I have a combination skin as I have oily T-zone, and dry parts. Yet, this emulsion is not moisturising enough for my skin. It does give a dewy finish look at first but then it leaves my skin a bit oily after a few hours. 
The bottle is very fragile as it’s made up from glass.
Not really suitable for me as I’m looking for something that can ensure my skin is hydrated. I don’t see the glow after a few weeks of using it. Moreover, it’s pretty pricey, and I don’t think it fits with the results.
Watery Berry Emulsion – RM77.90
Where to Buy?
All Skinfood outlets in Malaysia
Skinfood Malaysia: Website | Facebook

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Let Me Get My Girly Shit: Phat Culture

PHAT (stands for Pretty, Hot & Trendy) Culture is another Malaysian boutique shop that aims for enjoyable shopping experience with them. They started to offer the girls with one of a kind fashion since 2009 (when they were in the college). They have a wide range of apparels in-store, and I must admit that they have pretty collection which always out of the rack.

Phat Culture also accepts international orders where you can purchase with payment via Paypal and other major credit cards. As for Malaysians (and Singaporeans), you can always make payment via MOLpay, RHB Bank, Maybank, and other local banks. What’s more? They give free delivery within Malaysia apart from free shipping to Singapore (for orders SGD25 and above!), and free shipping for international orders worth USD150 and above. Order pick-up is also made available at their showroom which is located near Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
If you’re someone who love fashion so much, and still attending university or college, you might be interested to be part of Phat Culture Ambassadors program to represent their brand, and spread the news. Grab this opportunity to enjoy free goodies, discounts, commissions, and latest updates when you’re one of Phat Culture Ambassadors today! For more details, click here. How I wished I’m still a college student! Maybe I should return to the college and enrol for a Diploma course (so I can join their program! LOL!).
Here’s some of my favourite picks which I would really love to have once I got back my pre-natal weight (a few months to go, and I can enjoy all these beautiful dresses!). *grin*
Price: MYR 129.00
Price: MYR 109.00
Price: MYR 74.50
Price: MYR 74.50
Price: MYR 65.00
Price: MYR 63.00

Do visit Phat Culture today as they’re having SALE & BACKORDER at the moment.

Phat Culture Malaysia: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Are you in love with blogging or love writing so much? Did you know that you can always generate side income from blogging or writing article for some companies out there? is another Malaysian blog advertising platform where you can generate side income from RM35 to RM350 for every advertorial job that you received.

How does it work?
You only need to set up your own blog, and must be an active blogger. It’s similar to working in a journalism world where you have to write an article, and they will pay you based on the agreed price. Sounds legit, isn’t it? will find an advertiser for you, and deal with the price which you agree to be paid. You will have to make a research to get more information about the products, services, website, event, promotion, business to reach a wider market. Then only you can write and publish your advertorial review for marketing purpose.
Join and earn money today!
Join and make side income today!
What is Advertorial?
Advertorial is a type of advertisement in the form of editorial content whereby it gives information about a product, service, website, event, promotion, or business to reach the targeted market. You would always find this kind of thing over the Internet where people blogged or make a review on a product, service, or website, just to name a few. The writer then will be paid with the agreed amount. This type of advertisement has always been a good marketing strategy as it reaches the targeted market at a very cheaper cost, and at a very wider market.
Who can join
Anyone who is an active blogger can be part of, regardless of experience or popularity. Your blog can be either in English, Malay, Indonesia, Tamil, or Chinese language. The application to be part of is open for serious blogger, anyway. If you’re serious to make extra income, then you should be serious when applying for this job.
What are you waiting for? Get yourself registered, and start earning money today before it’s too late!

Shopping: Zorios
I love wearing accessories as it never fails to add sparkle to women’s inner beauty. I admit that I love all the items that I found on Zorios. Furthermore, I found that the items are sold at very affordable prices (judging from the quality itself). Looking at the colors, and designs make me wanna have them all! I have placed order a few days ago as I would love to know the quality itself. 

I had a few bad experiences with some online shops before this (and that includes some famous online pre-order shops), and I’m very particular in terms of price, and quality. The pictures may speak louder than words, but the experience of going to the shop, and do online shopping can be extremely different because going into a physical shop enable us to check for the quality before we make decision to buy or not. As for online shopping, most online shop owners would try to give their best presentation of the products (most of the online shop owners would just ‘copy and paste’ photos and descriptions from their suppliers). It’s totally a different experience when shopping online with Zorios. Anyway, this is not a paid review as I’ve bought the items using my own money. Please note that I’m going to give my honest opinions about their service, and products. *grin*
I received my parcel a about 2 days after I made the payment (and sent out proof of payment for verification). Zorios processed my order faster than I expected. My parcel was delivered by GDex (even though it was raining that day). Their website is a friendly-user, easy to understand and I don’t have any problems to place my order online. Hassle-free! Moreover, I’m very impressed with the packaging. It comes in a pillow box with a Zorios printed on it. The packaging is very nice, I may not hesitate to send this as a gift to my friends and family. It would be better if the package comes in a more convenient box because I received my parcel in a ‘flat’ pillow box. Luckily the items are still in good condition (no defects). My items are wrapped in adhesive plastic, and they also include invoice (so I can check the accuracy of the price and items, and return to them if I found that they’ve sent out a wrong one). Great job, Zorios!
I love the necklace. The quality is superb, and the price is also affordable. I admit that I fall in love with the unique design, and I can’t wait to match this with my black or peach dress! The earrings also looks perfect. Not a single damaged found on it. I’m very impressed with the quality of the products. I wished there are more selection made available on their website soon.
Oh, Zorios also gives FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia for every order that reached RM75 in a single receipt, too! Zorios accepts payment via ipay88, Paypal, Cash Deposit or Online Transfer. You will have to contact Zorios if you’re an international customer. I’m gonna to place order for Zorios bracelets soon, they have lots of unique bracelets! Kalah jam tangan! Feel free to check for their latest items today.
Zorios Malaysia: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
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