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Beauty: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++

It’s pretty hot today, and I’m fully occupied with this accounting thingy in the office. I’m looking forward for a rainy day so I can sip a cup of hot coffee. LOL! I just hope my BB cream doesn’t make my skin dry as I’ve been in the office since morning, and I haven’t goContinue Reading “Beauty: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++”

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Shopping: Natta Cosme

I know I haven’t write any reviews recently as I had to send my lappy to be repaired, and it took a month to have it back. Here I am doing my reviews again. I really miss writing using my Macbook, tho. Okay. Let’s get it straight to the point. First and foremost, I wouldContinue Reading “Shopping: Natta Cosme”

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Book: Satellite: The Satellite Trilogy, Part I

I was a little confused with the title itself. The first thing that popped out of my mind was the thing placed in orbit round the Earth collecting information. LOL! I’m not a fan of sci-fi or fantasy movie or novel but I find Lee Davidson’s The Satellite Trilogy, Part I, was amazing with aContinue Reading “Book: Satellite: The Satellite Trilogy, Part I”

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Tech: Create App Using Appy Pie’s App Builder

If you are wondering how to make an app for your products, restaurant, radio station, or church (just to name a few), you might want to try Appy Pie, the fastest growing cloud based DIY Mobile App Builder or App Creation Software (App Maker) that allows you (without programming skills required) to create an appContinue Reading “Tech: Create App Using Appy Pie’s App Builder”

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Beauty: The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel 250ml

Happy Saturday, pretties! I hope you’re having a great weekend with your family, and loved ones! It’s pretty hot these days and I’ve decided to give This almond shower gel from The Body Shop a try (with the hope it could give my dry skin hydrated, and moist). The Body Shop Almond shower gel comes inContinue Reading “Beauty: The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel 250ml”

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Service: KFC New Online Order

This is another situation where I was too tired (and lazy) to cook for dinner. I also didn’t get the chance to stop at the drive-thru as I was in a hurry going back home. As I reached home, I thought of having Pizza for dinner but as I was waiting for Mr. Hubby to replyContinue Reading “Service: KFC New Online Order”

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Supplement: API Fat Burner Advanced

Fat burners are supplements that basically contain certain herbs and chemicals that either increase energy, stimulate metabolism, and suppress appetite. API’s Fat Burner Advanced is a new product from API. Other famous products by API are Polythermex Hardcore, and Polythermex Elite. This fat burner is suitable for both men, and women, and it’s claimed to beContinue Reading “Supplement: API Fat Burner Advanced”

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Deals: Body Treatment at AC Beauty Lane

I love having my pampering session at AC Beauty Lane as they offer good customer service apart from the high quality products used for facial, and body treatment. I went to a few beauty salons before this but I usually ended up getting breakouts or redness, and I admit that I really dislike the facts that I hadContinue Reading “Deals: Body Treatment at AC Beauty Lane”