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Biz: Rahsia Menenangi Perolehan Kerajaan

Sekarang Anda Sudah Boleh Mendapat Kontrak Dari Pihak Kerajaan. Bagaimana Langkah dan Caranya Untuk Menjana Keuntungan Minimum RM20,000 Sebulan? Ini bukan satu yang mustahil! Dan tidak susah seperti yang anda sangkakan. Semua kemahiran dalam menyertai dan memenangi perolehan kerajaan atau juga dikenali sebagai kontrak kerajaan, sebutharga kerajaan dan tender kerajaan boleh dipelajari. 

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Music: My Friend Paris Theme Song MP3

My Friend Paris is another America’s favourite big sister by kids all over the world through her 8 books. The author, Paris Morris, is a 14-year old girl living in Danville, California where Paris is a junior in High School. She enjoys musical theatre, golf, and going to the movies with her friends. Paris Morris wrote her first bookContinue Reading “Music: My Friend Paris Theme Song MP3”

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Book: Romancing Christmas – 10 Love Stories

It’s been a while, and I was pretty busy with my newborn baby. I’m very grateful to be blessed with a wonderful family, and life. I thank God for giving me this great life which I’ve never thought I would be able to enjoy. I’ve just finished reading Leslie Lynch’s Christmas Hope which is compiledContinue Reading “Book: Romancing Christmas – 10 Love Stories”

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Book: The Monster on Top of the Bed (Suzy & Karrit) (Volume 1)

I received the Kindle edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed by Alan H Jordan just a few days ago. I would love to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read a very nice story. I’ve decided to read it with my 3 year-old daughter last night, and I laughed out loud when she asked meContinue Reading “Book: The Monster on Top of the Bed (Suzy & Karrit) (Volume 1)”

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Shopping: Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London is a retail leader of ladies fashion that you can always depend on when you’re looking for a  catwalk or celebrity inspired fashion. It offers a wide range of limited edition unique, vibrant and expressive styles of cocktail, prom, and evening dresses that are designed and made in house. This is notContinue Reading “Shopping: Chi Chi London”

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NEW: Tamagotchi L.I.F.E

Hello, Monday! It’s not a sunny day over here in Jesselton, North Borneo – A cloudy Monday morning. As I tune into Hitz.FM, and browsing the Internet to gather some information for my works, I stumbled upon this kawaii blogger who writes about playing this ‘once-so-famous’ digital pet. Do you still remember the famous egg-shaped game whichContinue Reading “NEW: Tamagotchi L.I.F.E”


Review: Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion 100ml

Most of you would probably have already bought this product. Yet, I still would like to write a review about this product after receiving this sample kit from Vaseline Malaysia. Thank you for this sample kit, Vaseline Malaysia. I received this kit a month ago, and give it a try for 4 weeks just toContinue Reading “Review: Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion 100ml”


Deal: Christmas is Coming! Cool ideas for any household

Christmas is an exciting time. Why not welcome in the season with a bang? There are plenty of ideas to brighten up the season, and many of them are quite affordable. White Spurce Christmas Tree Maybe your plastic tree needs a replacement. Get a traditional green tree or opt for a white tree that looksContinue Reading “Deal: Christmas is Coming! Cool ideas for any household”


Deal: The Cutest Mittens and Gloves

Here you might introduce your article and catch the reader’s attention with a catchy paragraph. Once you’ve got them hooked, you’ll probably want to talk about each item individually. Boys Mittens These mittens are super soft and they come in all kinds of styles. They are also extremely affordable and will keep your toddler cozy.Continue Reading “Deal: The Cutest Mittens and Gloves”

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Shopping: Thumbs Up for Lazada Malaysia

First of all, I would like to remind that this is not a paid or sponsored review but this is a real customer’s experience. You might be interested to read my previous ‘nightmare’ with Lazada’s online merchants HERE, just in case you haven’t read or you’re very curious (or interested) to know about it. So,Continue Reading “Shopping: Thumbs Up for Lazada Malaysia”