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Online: Keep Shopping at Keep.Com

If you’re bored with Pinterest, and looking for a more shoppable Pinterest then you should get a free account at The site itself responds to the news when Pinterest has decided to ban all affiliates by launching their own affiliate service. Ouch! Previously, Pinterest users made money from the service as they could postContinue Reading “Online: Keep Shopping at Keep.Com”

Health Products Reviews

Review: Jawbone UP Move

There are a number of fitness trackers available in the market over the past year or so. I wasn’t aware the existence of this Jawbone UP Move until I got it from my Uncle who returend from the States. Unlike other fitness trackers, the Jawbone UP Move has a rather simple design which I thoughtContinue Reading “Review: Jawbone UP Move”

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Experience: How I Earn Money From Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re thinking that it’s impossible to make money online, then you should consider this. We have many online shops and these people are ditching the rental fees as they are cutting more costs. You can see that most people doing their business on the Internet as part-time job. Yes. The Internet has been aContinue Reading “Experience: How I Earn Money From Wealthy Affiliate”

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Music: Girls’ Generation ‘s 5th Album [K-POP]

I’ve been waiting for this thing! I got the news of their recent released of Girls’ Generation 5th Album from AllKpop and Soshified. Their last released album was Mr. Mr. in 2014. Yes. The long awaited album from Girls’ Generation can now be purchased via iTunes for US$11.99. Bro was the first one who bought hisContinue Reading “Music: Girls’ Generation ‘s 5th Album [K-POP]”

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Service: Start Your Dropship Business with mydNEXT

There are many ways for you to start your online business and having a dropship program may be another good idea to market your product but you’ll need to invest heavily on time and money. In most cases, it’s not impossible for people to have online business even though they work 9-to-5 for 5 daysContinue Reading “Service: Start Your Dropship Business with mydNEXT”

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Online: Don’t Beg a Bag, Grab a Bag From BagBeg.Com

Karl Lagerfeld was once quoted saying ‘Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you are doing well’. He may have his point there because every woman’s happiness is a new handbag, but handbag is sure the grave of men’s illusions. It’s hard to satisfy ourContinue Reading “Online: Don’t Beg a Bag, Grab a Bag From BagBeg.Com”

Latest Let Me Get My Girly Shit Online Shop Reviews

Online: Get Your Sportswear From AMNIG Today!

Are you tired with the same old style, or are you looking for a nice fitness outfit to reward yourself but you’re on a tight budget? Ever heard of AMNIG before? It’s a local brand synonymous to sports, performance, casual, and lifestyle clothing and accessories. The brand itself has a wide range of sportswear, accessories,Continue Reading “Online: Get Your Sportswear From AMNIG Today!”

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Review: Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB Cream SPF30 PA++

Aloha! I’m back! Sorry for the long hiatus. I was so busy with my studies and works. I hope you’re doing fine, and have a great life over there. This is going to be a ‘not-too-long’ review on my favourite BB Cream from SASA. I bought this BB cream for the first time when IContinue Reading “Review: Sasatinnie Precious Jewelry BB Cream SPF30 PA++”

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Review: ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream SPF30 PA++

Most people think CC (Color Correction) cream is better than BB (Blemish Balm) cream. In my opinion, both BB and CC creams are great foundation base for your skin depending on functions. In fact, these creams are supposed to fade dark spot, lightening dark circles, brightening skin tone, as well as heal breakouts and diminishContinue Reading “Review: ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream SPF30 PA++”

Beauty Products Reviews

Review: Bioque Eye Restore

We’ve always heard a lot of products claim that they can get rid of dark circles, but we also heard something that no eye cream can actually get rid of dark circles. Yet, we still search for the solution to get rid our dark circles. There’s nothing more wonderful than finding a new eye cream that actually works!Continue Reading “Review: Bioque Eye Restore”