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Shopping: A Nightmare with Lazada Malaysia’s Merchants


Lazada is another online marketplace that has a few similarities like those existing e-commerce such as Amazon, and Rakuten. It provides a platform that enables third parties merchants to sell, and advertise their products online via Lazada. In other words, Lazada does not have the products in-store, and most of the items are kept by the merchants. That’s why there will be longer period for your items to reach you because Lazada has set a policy to have their merchants (3rd party, and outsourced) to send out the items within 48 hours or 2 working days. It should be noted that since Lazada has different merchants, the delivery period might be longer than what you’re expecting.

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NEW: Primal Muscle’s Top Selling Products

Primal Muscle is an online leading supplier for bodybuilding and fitness supplements in the industry with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, their helpful fitness advisor are available to help you to achieve your goals. These are some of their top selling items, products so cutting edge, they practically sell themselves which you might be interested to know more about.

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Tips: Pick the Mascara for You
When it comes to mascara, we all speak by different techniques. What’s important is that when you put the mascara on, it works its magic and makes you feel fabulous. In a nutshell, I love mascara because it is the only thing that would give me those flirty looking eyes by framing them with long full lashes. Plus, mascara is a must have make-up that would make my eyes bigger… like Sailormoon! LOL!

mascara / rímel

Mascara is seen to be one of the most favourite make-up item which every woman has in their make-up kit at home. Besides the lips, women also tend to focus on their eyes with a touch of concealers, eyeliners as well as mascara. However, it is undeniable that some women have problems in selecting the right mascara which works best for them. There are a few simple tips for women to follow in order to get the perfect mascara they are looking for.

May 12, 2008

The first tip is to determine which type of mascara formula to choose from such as lengthening, thickening, waterproof or non-clumping. The difference between these 4 types of mascara is the shape of the mascara brush bristles, for example, fat brushes allows you to create a voluptuous eyelashes while thin skinny bristles coats your lashes from root to tip without clumps.

The next trick is women should consider the price of the mascara you are adding into your make-up kit. It all depends on your budget and how often you will use it. Some prefer to buy mascaras from the drugstore while some may go and purchase fancy mascara from the top class make-up brands. No matter which one you choose to wear, always keep in mind to stay within your budget and select the right type of mascara for your lashes.


The last tip for women to be aware of is the colour of mascara whether the typical black, brown, or the creative blue, purple and more. Most Asian women will select the black coloured mascara as it is suitable to be worn with their brown eyes but it can also seem harsh at times.
For the ladies who want a different eye look, opt for the purple, blue or brown colours which suit your personal style. Keep the black mascara for a night out with the girls or if you want to look sexy on a date. Use lighter coloured mascara tones during the day or the weekends and look stunning all day. If you are searching for a new mascara to replace your old one, check out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of mascara collection from local and international brands online.
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Shopping: Da Lish Cosmetics
“I wanted to know what the ingredients were in my makeup and where they came from…”
– Melanie Cruickshank, founder, Da Lish Cosmetics Inc.
Da Lish Cosmetics is a Canadian-based beauty line that focus on offering rich anti-oxidant beauty products without the use chemical ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, GMO’s, gluten or sulfates. Most of their beauty products come from locally sourced ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and rosemary leaf (just to name a few) to ensure that your skin benefits from its use over time. 

Luxola is stacking their online shelf with Da Lish products, and you can get them easily (without having to wait for weeks to reach you). Some of the products that you might be interested to try.

Price: RM 49.00
This lipstick wows with full coverage, full pigment colour that won’t dry out lips. Inspired by bright, garden blooms, the long lasting, fashion-forward hues endure coffee time or cocktail hour without the ring around your lips. 
Available in Nude, Pinky/Red, Barbie Pink, Vintage Ruby Red, Soft Coral
Price: RM 67.00
Brightening illuminators instantly wake-up under eye dark shadows, lift eyebrow arches and highlight cupid’s bows. With a rich and creamy consistency, it allows for buildable coverage to minimize discolouration, while corrective pigments disguise blemishes. 
Available in Light, Medium, and Dark Shade.
Price: RM 49.00
A little goes a long way with this richly pigmented multi-use balm that can be used on cheeks and lips for a fresh, happy glow. Start with one dab on the apples of cheeks and use your fingers to massage in colour where you want it. Pearl-like pigments means the pretty tint won’t fall flat on lips. The perfect product to pop in your bag to ensure you remain fresh looking and radiant all day.
Available in Dusty Rose, Coral, Bubble Gum Pink, Bronzer, and Deep Plum
Price: RM 122.50
This long-wear foundation starts out silky smooth and dries to a radiant matte finish. Light coverage ensures a natural-looking result, yet the buildable formula evens tone where you need it, for a perfect, cake-free base. Natural ingredients help to moisturize, calm and protect skin without clogging pores. 
Available in Light, Medium, and Dark Shades
Check out for more Da Lish products at Luxola today!
Da Lish Cosmetics: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Shopping: Mishkka
Mishkka is another Malaysian online boutique founded in 2010. I stumbled upon this online boutique while I was browsing for some information for my next upcoming articles (still searching for the information at the time of writing this). The offer a one-of-a-kind clothing line to distinct themselves from other existing online boutiques. Mishkka is currently offering free delivery within Malaysia, and they do have some items on sale, too! Price? They are tagged at a very affordable price!
Here’s my ‘pick’ list which I would buy from Mishkka (if I have gotten my prenatal weight. Gosh! I can’t wait to get into the labour room ASAP!).

Price: RM39.00
Price: RM45.00
Price: RM49.00
Price: RM49.00
Price: RM29.00
Price: RM39.00
Price: RM29.00
Price: RM29.00
Price: RM19.00
Price: RM39.00

Dear Mishkka, I look forward for more collections from you. 🙂

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Shopping: A Nightmare with MySale.My
MySale.My is one of many online group/bulk buy websites which you can find over the Internet, and concept is similar to Gilt (USA) where you have to make pre-order for the items that they are currently selling. Most of items sold are apparels, accessories, and some household items which they channel from big global brands at discounted or clearance price. I stumbled upon a few details on MySale.My while trying to learn more about undelivered orders by MySale.My (and how they tackle this problem), yet most of them have bad experience (and with unresolved matter) while doing online shopping with MySale.My lately. 

MySale.My is owned by an Australian company namely Ozsale Pty Limited, which also runs an online shopping site that has garnered lots of negative reviews over the Internet, i.e. You can read all the reviews on here

I had always been a loyal MySale.My customers prior this, and had never experienced problems such as undelivered orders, and gotten some fake or low quality items. Yet, this experience really which I encountered lately has changed my mind to shop online via MySale.My. I always do online shopping, and I am fully aware that there’s unavoidable risk of losing your orders during delivery process. However, I look forward on how the management tackles this kind of problem.
I made two (2) different pre-orders on NYX Cosmetics somewhere in May 2014, and was expecting both orders to reach me latest by the end of June 2014 as I need to restock my make-up box for any upcoming make-up jobs (Oh yes, I’m a freelance make-up artist). In fact, MySale.My does provide estimation on delivery date for every orders made by their customers. I admit that they have implemented a nice and friendly ordering system whereby customers can always place order either via their smartphone, tab, and computer, and track down the status of their orders. However, I’m pretty disappointed with the lacks with their operating system to ensure the orders reach their customers – SAFELY.

It’s normal for the customers to keep on asking for their order which is still undelivered even after the estimated delivery date has lapsed. I can understand the time spent by MySale.My personnel in dealing with this problem especially when the other party has not provide you with latest updates or responses. I mailed MySale.My TWICE, and only to receive one (1) package while the other one has been considered as cold case – not even a single news of the whereabouts, insisting me to assume that the other one was never delivered as the personnel does not even reveal the tracking number to me.

 So, my last message to MySale.My was on 26 August 2014. Alas, the reply is very disappointing!

And, all my orders including the undelivered order are all thrown into the dustbin, treating it as part of completed orders. Disappointed as I feel right now, and all I have to do is to vent out my irk on this blog to share my shopping nightmare in Elm Street with MySale.My.

I’m so sorry, MySale.My. I can no longer shop with confidence with you. Moreover, your shipping charge has gone up, and doesn’t even suit with the delivery service. My hubby also got a pair of shoes which you claimed as ‘Leather’ and (what’s more?) you claimed it is imported from UK. Alas, we found out the shoes come from a factory in China. Pardon me for being outlandish but I speak, read, and write Chinese. I have no problem to get information about the material from your supplier. Judging from the smell & look of the material, we found out that the shoes is wholly made from rubber or polycarbonate. Looking forward on how you tackle this problem, anyway. Good luck, MySale.My. Till then, I rest my case here.

For more reviews on MySale.My:

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Shopping: Born Pretty Store
 Get yourself a Born Pretty Store Color Changing Nail Polish
Ever heard of Born Pretty Store before? Born Pretty Store is not your ordinary online shop which you always shop from. This shop offers a wide range of high quality beauty products which you can get at very affordable prices. It usually delivers products directly to consumers around the world, and they accept payment via PayPal, and other major credit cards. All orders will be shipped using major shipping express services.

Water Decals
Born Pretty Store also offers rewards their customers with rewards points, which could be used to buy any items from their website. Points are also rewarded when you buy their discounted items or submit product reviews, images, videos to their website.

Feel free to check out for their in-store offers by clicking the links below:

If you’re rather interested to earn extra income for yourself, you might as well be interested with their dropship programBorn Pretty Store offers worldwide free shipping service to all customers regardless of the price and distance with no minimum order requirements. Born Pretty Store ships the goods directly to your customers. You’ll only need to keep the price difference during the transaction. What’s more? They offer their dropship services to all customers for free. Moreover, they offer worldwide free shipping for all orders, and they will make sure the products you bought reach your buyer by free shipping safely and intactly. Click for more details about their dropship program today.

Born Pretty Store also has its own corner for customers who have actually purchased from their store.

Born Pretty Store is currently having a contest where 15 winners from all voting participants will be picked out, and get the whole set of 10 pieces best vote getters stamping designs. Those designs are yet to be launched soon. Interested to join the fun? Click here and here.

Don’t forget to follow their Instagram as you might grab away something from their free giveaway. Check out for their Instagram here.

False Eyelashes
Born Pretty Store: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr
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Shopping: Gift of Happiness – $5 Discount Offer
Gift of Happiness is a charitable online shopping marketplace with the belief that they could enrich the lives of their customers while bringing awareness to charities and causes in need. When you shop from Gift of Happiness, they would automatically donate a generous percentage of the profits from your purchase to a charity of your choice. Gift of Happiness do have something for everyone, especially moms and kids. Yet, many of these items are handmade in the USA or can be personalized for that special someone.

  Back to School 2014 featuring Stephen Joseph - 5% to charity of your choice

For new shoppers, Gift of Happiness is now offering a $5 gift to be used as a discount or share as a donation to your favourite charity with our Charitable Coupon! All you have to do is to include HAPPY14 in the coupon code before your check out. Do they ship internationally? Yes. They do ship internationally to selected countries via USPS International. They also give FREE SHIPPING for order over USD99.

Here’s some of the selected items which really catch my attention. Pretty cute, anyway. 🙂

Offer Price: US$27.95
Offer Price: US$27.95
Offer Price: US$18.95
Offer Price: US$54.95
Offer Price: US$54.95
Offer Price: US$61.95
What are you waiting for? Use Code HAPPY14 at checkout now through December 31, 2014 to enjoy a $5 off of your order or share as a donation to your favorite charity with their Charitable Coupon. You can also get a FREE SHIPPING for order over than US$99.

$5 gift - use as discount or share with your favorite charity

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Shopping: Avenue86 Mall
Here’s an online shop which I love to go whenever I would like to buy some cutie things for myself (or friends). It has been opening its online doors to its customers since 2012, and it is operated by Avenue Eighty Six Enterprise (rest assured, this online shop is registered). What’s so special about this shop? Avenue86 offers more than 1,000 ready stocks in their website, which means you do not have to wait longer (unless you wanted a back order for items that are no longer available in their website). All orders will be delivered within 3 working days (as long as SkyNet or PosLaju is on business) from the date you’ve made the payment. They accept payment via MOLPay (Online Payment), Online Transfer, ATM transfer, Cash Deposit, Interbank Transfer or PayPal. What’s more? Avenue86 offers free delivery within West Malaysia for order purchase above RM86.00, and order purchase above RM126.00 for East Malaysia, provided that you buy products with Free Shipping label only (yang ada lori warna biru).

The best part about this shop (kalau sia lah) is they have massive of cute stuff. Pardon me for being a sucker of this cute cute things. Here’s a few things which I’m going to buy soon (Tunggu duit gaji masuk dulu):
Japanese Sweet Dots Bag (Price: RM 93.00)
If you love to do online shopping, then you should stop at Avenue86 today! Terlampau banyak barang yang ada, susah mau pilih.
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Shopping: Zdress
Zdress is an exquisite destination for latest trend in fashion especially if you’re a fashion enthusiast or on a budget. They offer more than 100,000 items to choose from, and that includes cosplay costumes, intimate lingerie, shoes, wigs, jewelries, bags, and wedding dresses. Just to name a few.

Not only they offer a vast selection to choose from; the prices also start from as low as US$5, and their under $10 section is a must visit, I bet you will be surprised to see all of them. Banyak yang boleh dipilih. Sia sendiri pun rambang mata. *Grin*
If you’re staying in Malaysia (or some other countries outside US), you can still place your orders with Zdress. They do ship internationally from their warehouse in China. They will send out an email including the carrier information, a tracking number, and link for online tracking for your order. Their standard shipping deliver period is between 6 to 10 working days (that doesn’t include Public Holidays, Saturday, and Sunday), and all orders will be sent out using Express Mail Service (EMS).
Zdress accepts payments via PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer, and major credit and debit cards. They offer 5% discount for all payments using Western Union account.
What’s more?
– Zdress offers free shipping with US$30 purchase.
– Zdress gives a 20% discount to all new sign ups.
– Zdress let you enjoy a 50% discount when you invite friends to shop at Zdress.
– Their customer service is great. Yang penting diorang mengerti English.
If you’re planning to do an online pre-order to earn side income, then Zdress is the perferct place for you to start with.

These are just a few things that I would love to order from Zdress.

Women’s Chiffon Straight Floral Print Round Vintage Dress – US$38.55
Women’s Cotton Blends Scrawl Above Knee Round Neckline Vintage Dress – US$32.21
Cotton Blends Above Knee Floral Print Round Vintage Dress For Women – US$24.40
A-line Above Knee Chiffon Turn-down Collar Work Robes For Women with Sash – US$39.53
Attractive Peep Toe Women’s Stiletto Heel Satin Hollow-Out Heels – US$69.78
Attractive Stiletto Heel Ankle Boots Peep Toe Suede Women’s Rhinestone Zipped Heels – US$86.86
Charming Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Suede Women’s Ankle Boots and Heels with Zipper – US$69.78
Fashion Solid Color PU Women’s Zipper Tote Bag – US$28.63
Pretty PU Floral Print Shoulder Bag For Women – US$44.57
Check out their website today. They have lots of collections to offer. Kalau sia letak semua di sini pun memang tidak cukup ruang tu. Happy Shopping, girls! 🙂
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