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Book: Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E L James

I was a bit tired today as I didn’t get enough of sleep last night as I was hooking up with E L James’ recently published book – Grey. The Grey Trilogy was a hit in Malaysia until it was banned due to its ‘too-much-sexism’ sentiments. However, clever people these days still can buy the digitalContinue Reading “Book: Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E L James”

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Book: Becca Fisher’s Heavenly Blessing (Amish Romance)

I’ve been reading a few novels nowadays, but they are all about faiths. Not intended to turn my blog with religious, anyway. This is going to be a short review about a book which I read a few days ago, and just finished reading it this afternoon. It’s a romance about an Amish woman, Abigail.Continue Reading “Book: Becca Fisher’s Heavenly Blessing (Amish Romance)”

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Book: Twelve Steps To a Compassionate Life (Karen Armstrong)

I admit that I’m not a religious person but this book is de rigueur to instil compassion into our daily life. She believes that others will change if we treat them with compassion. The book is quite practical even though I found it’s either to be a little platitudes over some topics. Yet, Armstrong offersContinue Reading “Book: Twelve Steps To a Compassionate Life (Karen Armstrong)”

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Book: Satellite: The Satellite Trilogy, Part I

I was a little confused with the title itself. The first thing that popped out of my mind was the thing placed in orbit round the Earth collecting information. LOL! I’m not a fan of sci-fi or fantasy movie or novel but I find Lee Davidson’s The Satellite Trilogy, Part I, was amazing with aContinue Reading “Book: Satellite: The Satellite Trilogy, Part I”

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Book: Bees Like Flowers

Rebecca Bielawski’s Bees Like Flowers is another interesting children book which I personally got from the author herself. It’s a short story about the life of a bee, and teaches some good morals to the kids especially how to express gratitude such as ‘Thank You’. It’s a really nice book for kids! 

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Book: The Art of Laziness

I’m not a person who loves to laze around, and I’ve always believe that hard works will always get huge rewards. Frankly speaking, this book wasn’t on my reading list as it has ‘LAZY’ word. Thanks to my fellow friends on Goodreads for recommending this great book. It’s really entertaining, and change my perceptions aboutContinue Reading “Book: The Art of Laziness”

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E-Book: Mommy’s Guide For Staying Fit

I’ve always admired Kelsey Byers, and she’s my inspiration to staying fit even though I am a mommy of 2 kids. I believe I need to keep fit, and stay healthy so that I would be able to inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle. I started to realize the importances of keeping fit during andContinue Reading “E-Book: Mommy’s Guide For Staying Fit”

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Tips: Teknik Kurus Diet Atkins Yang Membakar Lemak Pantas

Mungkin ada di antara anda yang tahu apa itu DIET ATKINS, mungkin juga ada yang pertama kali dengar. DIET ATKINS telah diperkenalkan sejak tahun 1970-an lagi. DIET ATKINS adalah sejenis pelan diet, bukan produk. DIET ATKINS mengajar pengamalnya untuk mengubah cara pemakanan dan memaksa tubuh membakar lemak sebagai bahan utama tenaga. Pelan diet ATKINS menggariskanContinue Reading “Tips: Teknik Kurus Diet Atkins Yang Membakar Lemak Pantas”