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Book: Melissa Foster – Taken By Love

I usually read my books and never share anything to hubby about them especially the romance stories. Sometimes, he asked me what I’m reading but I just said, “It’s a love story.” I recently finished reading Melissa Foster’s book, and I really enjoyed reading it because it’s very refreshing, and entertaining. Taken by Love is a hot love storyContinue Reading “Book: Melissa Foster – Taken By Love”

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Book: Rachel Wojo – One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up

Life can be so cruel and unfair that we usually end up blaming people for the things that happened. Some people around us can be very judgmental that they usually based on their assumptions, thinking that they know better than others. It’s really hard to keep life afloat when everything goes wrong. We are living inContinue Reading “Book: Rachel Wojo – One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up”

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Blogging: Get Free Books From Blogging For Books

If you are an avid reader who is looking for more adventure to get books in your hand without having to spend a dime, there here’s a great place where you should get yourself signed up. Blogging for Books is brought to you by the friendly folks at The Crown Publishing Group. This program was designedContinue Reading “Blogging: Get Free Books From Blogging For Books”

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Review: Portia Moore’s If I Break Trilogy [BOOK]

I love reading novel sometimes, only after I’ve done with reading some ‘reality’ books because too much reading fictions would turn us into a bunch of people with unrealistic goal. Well, for example, you’re looking for somebody who’s perfect (handsome, romantic, and rich). Anyway, since I joined Goodreads’ book challenge, I have decided to readContinue Reading “Review: Portia Moore’s If I Break Trilogy [BOOK]”

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Book: Rolf Dobelli – The Art of Thinking Clearly

It’s been hectic this month as school has started and I need to wake up early to make sure my kids don’t late for their school. I feel exhausted but I need to be positive all the time. Keeping myself motivated by telling myself that I can burn more calories. LOL! Sound lame but that’sContinue Reading “Book: Rolf Dobelli – The Art of Thinking Clearly”

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Books: My Favourite December 2015 Books

Fuh! It has been busy weeks as I need to have my work done before Christmas. I’m aware that I almost abandon this little abode. I find a little space for me to write about a few books that I read recently. I recently bought a few Malay novels after my dearie friends suggested meContinue Reading “Books: My Favourite December 2015 Books”

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Book: Last Resort (Grayton Series Book 1) – Jill Sanders

Here’s another book written by Jill Sanders which I’ve just finished reading this morning. LOL! I must say that it was an interesting book to read but I’d prefer Loving Lauren more because I loved the stubborn character a lot. Anyway, Last Resort still a nice chick lit novel to read as I found some ‘laughable’ parts.Continue Reading “Book: Last Resort (Grayton Series Book 1) – Jill Sanders”

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Book: Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders

My Goodreads friend has recently recommends me to read a chick-lit book after she thought I’ve been reading too much ‘serious’ issues, and she found out that I’m still behind my target (Yeah, we do have reading challenge on Goodreads). So, I went to Smashwords to download some of the books. You can get theContinue Reading “Book: Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders”

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Book: My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon

What would you do during your pastime or during rainy days? It is raining here now, and I have to postpone my plan to bring out my kids for shopping. If Plan A doesn’t work, it’s time to go for Plan B. Since it is raining cats and dogs, I guess sipping a cup of hot coffee while reading aContinue Reading “Book: My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon”