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Review: Onsaemeein Lumiere Gold Daily Cream 50ml

I have a combination skin, thus, some parts of my skin are prone to dryness. When the age hits 30s, the skin has a tendency to be very dry and flaky which later lead to more visible fine lines and wrinkles. So, when I was browsing for a good skincare product that can address the problem that I was having, I stumbled upon Onsaemeein Lumiere Gold Daily Cream which was currently on sale @ Althea. This is my personal sharing on this product after using it for 2 months.  Continue Reading

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Review: THE PLANT BASE Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water

What’s with this Bamboo hype? I’m sure you must have been seeing your friend’s posts about some products that has something to do with ‘Bamboo’. Frankly speaking, most of my friends have been tagging me with some ‘Bamboo Salt’ products which actually made me curious about it. Anyway, today’s post is about ‘Bamboo Water’. Yup. The water from bamboo, not the salt. I went to search about the benefits of bamboo water on the Internet a few days ago, and here are some of the benefits that I found.

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Review: theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette

My uncle and aunt returned from the States recently for a short holiday, and they got me a face palette from theBalm Cosmetics. Once of my favourite cosmetics brands as it gives me more convenient to do my make-up in just one palette. This is actually my second face palette from theBalm. My first one was theBalm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette which my hubby gave me before our big day. He actually surprised me with the face palette as I was talking non-stop about theBalm. I actually saved it as it has sentimental value. Ngam kasi masuk dalam muzium sudah tu makeup sia. Today’s post is about another theBalm face palette because I have been using it for some times now. Just like my cousin Sasha said, “Very pigmented!” and she almost took it away from me. LOL! When we talk about cosmetics, it can be an endless, non-stop, no full stop. Sampai bisuk pagi pun belum tentu kamirang siap cerita pasal make-up. Continue Reading

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Review: THE PLANT BASE Natural Solution Skin Essence

My life has been hectic these days, and I have been neglecting strict skincare routine which is why my skin has become quite dry. I have been receiving some products for review purpose and today’s post is about THE PLANT BASE Natural Solution Skin Essence which I received 2 weeks ago, and have been using it as part of my skincare routine. Another skin care product from Korea! Hooray!  Continue Reading

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Review: BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream [Super Size]

My Korean sis-in-law once told me that Koreans are obsess with great skin, and that is all about a bouncy, dewy, taut, and hydrated resilience. While most of Korean skincare products are totally different from those of the West, our skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized. Many moisturizers are designed to be water-based, in other words, they contain mostly water-binding ingredients to support general skin needs. However, dry skin will need both moisturizer and hydrating toner or serum. This is because the moisturizer will lock in the water from evaporation from the upper layers of the skin while the hydrating toner or serum will ensure the skin is well-hydrated.

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Review: Shapee Belly Wrap Basic (Post-Partum Recovery)

There are many post-partum belly wraps available in the market nowadays. Thus, there are some aspects to consider before picking up the best post-partum belly wrap. For most women, the best post-partum belly wrap includes the following aspects: (i) Comfortability: A good belly wrap has to be skin-friendly that does not break out an itch or cut into the skin when wrapping it around the body; (ii) Invisibility: When we choose a belly wrap, it is important to have a belly wrap that is not noticeable because this belly wrap is going to be worn underneath the garment; and (iii) Durability: A good belly wrap should be durable and does not easily slip off when we do out daily tasks. Continue Reading

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Review: Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ (Post-Partum Recovery)

Most women are worried that they would have wider hips after pregnancy. It is unavoidable but the size can be shrinked to normal size, the size when you haven’t got pregnant. I am a Mom of 2 kids, and I still have my pre-pregnancy body. Well, I have a Grandma who is quite strict when it comes to post-partum. She (and she ‘allied’ with my mom) to ensure that I learn how to wear bengkung or traditional wrap (traditional girdle or even corset) during my confinement period, that is, 44 days. I had to bear the fact that I could not wash my hair during my confinement. No cakes, no biscuits, no cabbage, no juices, and not even fried foods during my confinement days. It was a strict one but the most challenging part was the traditional wrap! The worst situation was to unwrap when I had to go to pee.  Continue Reading

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Review: Hanaka (花恋肌) Charcoal Pores Reduce Facial Mask (冻亮扫黑面膜炭长)

Nobody loves having people looked at their blackheads ‘planted’ on their nose. You know how your friends would give you the look when they saw your blackheads – that ‘urge’ look to squeeze out the blackheads. Sebum helps to keep the skin supple and hydrated but having too much sebum would cause blackheads to clogged the pores. I recently received a product which claimed to remove blackheads thus minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. After using it for 14 days, I decided to write my honest review about this product. Continue Reading

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Review: Synergie Skin Practitioner Essential Vitamin A Serum

Vitamin A has been known to help smooth both wrinkles and fine lines for such a long time. Besides, this single-most important ingredient that repair, restore, and prevent damaged skin also helps to increase skin hydration and collagen production. However, our skin does not produce Vitamin A by itself, and that is why our skin becomes deficient over time because the sun depletes Vitamin A and this is one of the major reason that the super-exposed skin to sun damage age faster than those who do not. Thus, topical application of Vitamin A is needed in order to reduce the damage from sunlight. Continue Reading

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