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Review: Ostricare Tasties Pieces (30 Pieces) – 5 Flavours (Halal)

What would you give to your kids when they love to eat something sweet like candy, chocolate, and so on? I’m sure most of us, the mothers, are worried about the things that available in the market as well as when our kids do not want to consume ‘healthy food’. My kids love chocolates andContinue Reading “Review: Ostricare Tasties Pieces (30 Pieces) – 5 Flavours (Halal)”

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Review: Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ (Post-Partum Recovery)

Most women are worried that they would have wider hips after pregnancy. It is unavoidable but the size can be shrinked to normal size, the size when you haven’t got pregnant. I am a Mom of 2 kids, and I still have my pre-pregnancy body. Well, I have a Grandma who is quite strict when itContinue Reading “Review: Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ (Post-Partum Recovery)”

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Shopping: My Shopping Experience @ Using MOLPay Cash

Most of us would go for online shopping these days because of the convenience and lower price than the brick-and-mortar. Yet, most of us would prefer to make payment using cash than card because the need to have more control over personal credit management. However, paying by cash while shopping online is no longer a problemContinue Reading “Shopping: My Shopping Experience @ Using MOLPay Cash”

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Health: Guardian BuzzAway Insect Repellant Spray

I usually bring my kids out for a jog in the park because I’d prefer them to lead an active lifestyle rather than staying inside the house watching TV and playing with iPad. So, there are a few considerations which I need to take care especially when the kids are outside their home. First andContinue Reading “Health: Guardian BuzzAway Insect Repellant Spray”

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Baby: Drypers Baby Wipes

One of the challenges of being mother is the need to be more sensitive in terms of price, features/contents/ingredients, and quality. I hope I don’t turn myself into a fussy momster. *LOL* I can spend nearly 30 minutes at the baby department store just to read through the ingredients/contents, and comparing it with other brands. It’sContinue Reading “Baby: Drypers Baby Wipes”

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Review: Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ with 5x DHA – CURIOUS (1-2 Years) Formula Milk

Nutrition is very important for kids’ growth and the nutrients needed by the kids are the same needed by adults except the amounts vary. In fact, growth requirements together with physical activity play an important role in determining the kid’s nutritional needs. Thus, it’s important to ensure that the kid gets a balanced and complete nutritionContinue Reading “Review: Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ with 5x DHA – CURIOUS (1-2 Years) Formula Milk”

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Baby: Carrie Junior Baby Bath – Groovy Grapeberry

I always argue with my hubby when choosing the best bath cream for our kids. I admit that hubby actually knows better when choosing bath cream with nice and mild scent while me is a more ‘rebel’ type – I’d prefer to have stronger scent in which my mum has always said I don’t haveContinue Reading “Baby: Carrie Junior Baby Bath – Groovy Grapeberry”

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Review: Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath

Shopping for baby bath can be a pain in the ass for parents who are welcoming their newborn baby. There are tons of baby bath lining up in the market which make parents indecisive because some ingredients in a baby bath can over-dry the baby skin, and a few can lead to itchiness. Yes. BabyContinue Reading “Review: Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath”