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Money Talk: Here’s Why You Should Get PruBSN SmartLink

I’ve heard some parents who advice me not to buy insurance (even for the kids) because it would only benefit the insurance company. It’s a debatable issue whether to give your kids an insurance or not, but as a responsible parent, I’m getting a life insurance for my kids as part of my contingency plans. There are tons of things which are hard to predict. So, after getting a quotation from my friend, Kay Kastum, I’ve finally decided to get PruBSN SmartLink from him.

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Blog: Be a Brand Influencer on Instagram with StarNgage

I recently received an invitation from Joash from Hasmeta, a well-known Singapore-based social media marketing agency that specialised in combining creativity with technology to deliver accurate social media analytics data to large companies such as Bosch, L’Occitane, Fujitsu, SteveMadden, Giti, PwC, and KornFerry. I’m not going to talk about Hashmeta but they have recently launched StarNgage which you can collaborate on campaigns as well as provides you with accurate data. Read more if you’re interested to get to know more about StarNgage.

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Blog: Earn Money from Instagram and Blog

I realized that more people are moving from blogging to Instagram or Facebook. So do the businesses. More businesses are depending on what other people post on their Instagram, provided that the Instagram is set in public mode. There’s no point tagging the businesses with private Instagram. It’s fully understandable that some people want to keep their Instagram as private as possible, but wouldn’t it better not to Instagram at all if you wanted to keep your life secluded from public attention or stalkers, perhaps?

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The Untold Secret To Earn Cashback From Ensogo In Less Than 30 Minutes

Most people assume that you will have to stop being a ‘shopaholic’ when you get married and have kids because of the limited budget (unless you’re super rich). Having a family means you need to save more, and spend life less. I can agree some of it because you actually need to save more, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend life less. With the advancement of Internet, shopping online is now flooding the mailbox (or LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk) with deals, coupons, and promotions which you can use when you purchase through online shops. As a wife and mother, I always look for better deals so that the allocated monthly budget won’t be spent for unnecessary things. Frankly speaking, I can still buy things for myself after paying all the bills, loans, and groceries. Plus, I earn portion of cash back from the shopping I made! Isn’t that wonderful? Trust me. This is not a joke. There’s always a trick whenever you do your online shopping, anyway. Continue Reading

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MoneyTalk: Affiliate Marketing with Rakuten Linkshare
Today’s marketing is very challenging as it requires working with various vendors to ensure a very efficient consumer management. Thus, the omni experience which combines all channels into a single platform has been the main focus to offer a full transparency into the consumer funnel that lead back to the actual marketing. The reason of the recent merger of LinkShare, MediaForge, Paid Search, DC Storm and Popshops under Rakuten Marketing is to offer the highest level of specialization in their core services combined with an integrated approach to simplify what has become an increasingly complex digital marketing space.

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