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Beauty: 3 Tricks on How To Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

You might be a fan of Audrey Hepburn or adore bright and vivid lips colour, but do you know that there are rules when gliding lipstick to suit some events? Sometimes, bright red or dark maroon may not be appropriate to be worn to attend a job interview. In fact, lipstick colour depends on your skin tone (and age, too!). Basically, a perfect lipstick color could make you land with a good news. Here are some tips and tricks for you to choose a perfect lipstick colour. You don’t have to follow the fad just to be accepted. Just be graceful. Continue Reading

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How-To: 30-Minute Day Time Look (For Acne/Blemishes)

I recently got breakouts after trying a product which does not suit with my skin. While my skin is in bad condition, I’m taking this opportunity to do a simple 30-minute day time look specifically for those who are having blemishes or breakouts. Here’s a tutorial how I do my day make-up look without having to use concealer. Most of the products can be found at Watsons, except NYX Eyeshadows Palette which I got from eBay.

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Tips: Got Crow’s Feet? Here’s the Solutions to Get Rid of It

Most of us dislike the fact we are ‘growing’ crow’s feet because it can make us look older. Those fine lines that appear just lateral to the eyes and once those lines begin to show up, it becomes rather difficult to get rid of them for good. Typically, crow’s feet or ‘laugh lines’ appear for several reasons and exposure to sunlight may also be causes for crow’s feet around the eyes. 

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There are a few beauty tips to reduce the appearance of fine lines or (let’s get it straight-forward) slow down this photoaging or aging process.

  1. Facial MassageForehead is the main contribution towards Crow’s feet. Therefore, we need to massage our forehead using finger tips for 30 seconds. Make sure it’s in upward, and circular motion. You can feel the muscle tightening. You can also apply coconut oil to massage the skin. You can actually do this while watching TV.
  2. Drink Lots of Warm Water: Warm water is good for your skin as it helps to hydrate the skin. In fact, hydration is crucial to smoothen out the fine lines and prevent the appearance of more wrinkles. Make sure you drink ample of warm water. Plain water, dear.
  3. Apply Anti-Aging Products: There are tons of beauty products available in the market nowadays. Some of them are very good at reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Here are some of the recommended products for you to stay young. These are the products which other consumers bought when they did their shopping at these online shops.

Do let me know if you’ve any questions. Stay pretty, always!

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Blogging: Get Free Books From Blogging For Books

If you are an avid reader who is looking for more adventure to get books in your hand without having to spend a dime, there here’s a great place where you should get yourself signed up. Blogging for Books is brought to you by the friendly folks at The Crown Publishing Group. This program was designed for one purpose: Give out free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review. Continue Reading

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Blog: Be a Brand Influencer on Instagram with StarNgage

I recently received an invitation from Joash from Hasmeta, a well-known Singapore-based social media marketing agency that specialised in combining creativity with technology to deliver accurate social media analytics data to large companies such as Bosch, L’Occitane, Fujitsu, SteveMadden, Giti, PwC, and KornFerry. I’m not going to talk about Hashmeta but they have recently launched StarNgage which you can collaborate on campaigns as well as provides you with accurate data. Read more if you’re interested to get to know more about StarNgage.

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Review: Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath

Shopping for baby bath can be a pain in the ass for parents who are welcoming their newborn baby. There are tons of baby bath lining up in the market which make parents indecisive because some ingredients in a baby bath can over-dry the baby skin, and a few can lead to itchiness. Yes. Baby skin is very sensitive especially the newborn. Some of us follow what our family recommends us, and most of us would pop out a question on the Facebook, asking other mommies which baby bath that is good for baby. Here’s my experience using Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath ever since the arrival of my 2nd baby.

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Shopping: Get iSmart Alarm With HD Resolution and Night Vision

Home safety has become a major issue where many people have started to secure their home using closed circuit television (CCTV) to record images and videos as legal proof if anything wrong happens in their homes. Home is the place where we keep valuable and precious things inside, and this usually attract intruders to barge into the house for stealing.  Continue Reading

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