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Review: Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ (Post-Partum Recovery)

Most women are worried that they would have wider hips after pregnancy. It is unavoidable but the size can be shrinked to normal size, the size when you haven’t got pregnant. I am a Mom of 2 kids, and I still have my pre-pregnancy body. Well, I have a Grandma who is quite strict when it comes to post-partum. She (and she ‘allied’ with my mom) to ensure that I learn how to wear bengkung or traditional wrap (traditional girdle or even corset) during my confinement period, that is, 44 days. I had to bear the fact that I could not wash my hair during my confinement. No cakes, no biscuits, no cabbage, no juices, and not even fried foods during my confinement days. It was a strict one but the most challenging part was the traditional wrap! The worst situation was to unwrap when I had to go to pee.  Continue Reading

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Game: Beat Stress & Fatigue with Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles @ JSPuzzles

Human brain can be divided into 2 separate lobes called the right, and left-brain. Left-brain usually deals in linear fashion, thinks logically and follows the sequence, while the right-brain functions with emotion and performs tasks wholly as well as being creative, and intuitive. Both sides of the brain can be harnessed to its best while working on jigsaw puzzles. Continue Reading

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Dear Ladies, This is Why You Need to Start Taking Care of Your Heart More Seriously!

While we often believed that men possess higher risk of cardiovascular disease, the misconceptions about this heart attack need to be dispelled off as this disease is killing more women lately. I recently read a magazine about heart attack among women, and it can be quite novel to hear about it because most of the times heart attack is related to men. Moreover, most research focuses on heart diseases in men which means women are often left out from the research. There are increasing cases of women diagnosed with heart diseases nowadays and it actually attack women as early as the age of 35.

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Tips: How To Slow Down Skin Ageing

Ageing can differ from people to other people depending on the genetics, and hormonal factors. However, that does not mean you need to neglect the importance of taking care of your own skin. We cannot avoid getting old, but prolonging the process can be done. The skin is the mirror of our body. Whatever we consume will show on the skin.  Continue Reading

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Health: These Drinks Will Make You Look Younger
Nobody would love to look older than actual age because it sometimes defines us as we’re having problems or we’re having poor skincare regime. Although getting old is part of the inevitable process, slowing down the process is our aims so that we can get old gracefully. Thus, proper skincare regime, and getting the right supplements for skin are the factors that can help to make us look younger and healthier.

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Tips: Got Crow’s Feet? Here’s the Solutions to Get Rid of It

Most of us dislike the fact we are ‘growing’ crow’s feet because it can make us look older. Those fine lines that appear just lateral to the eyes and once those lines begin to show up, it becomes rather difficult to get rid of them for good. Typically, crow’s feet or ‘laugh lines’ appear for several reasons and exposure to sunlight may also be causes for crow’s feet around the eyes. 

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There are a few beauty tips to reduce the appearance of fine lines or (let’s get it straight-forward) slow down this photoaging or aging process.

  1. Facial MassageForehead is the main contribution towards Crow’s feet. Therefore, we need to massage our forehead using finger tips for 30 seconds. Make sure it’s in upward, and circular motion. You can feel the muscle tightening. You can also apply coconut oil to massage the skin. You can actually do this while watching TV.
  2. Drink Lots of Warm Water: Warm water is good for your skin as it helps to hydrate the skin. In fact, hydration is crucial to smoothen out the fine lines and prevent the appearance of more wrinkles. Make sure you drink ample of warm water. Plain water, dear.
  3. Apply Anti-Aging Products: There are tons of beauty products available in the market nowadays. Some of them are very good at reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Here are some of the recommended products for you to stay young. These are the products which other consumers bought when they did their shopping at these online shops.

Do let me know if you’ve any questions. Stay pretty, always!

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Review: MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink – Strawberry

The market is already flooded with yogurt drinks, and each of them come up with key features to make sure that they stand out from others. Plain yogurt has a rich taste to it but not everyone can stand having a ‘plain’ one, thus, the market is served with different ingredients to the mix to make up for a lack of flavour and meet the demand. There are plenty to choose from, and the lower the fat content, the more ingredients there will be in a cup of yogurt.  Continue Reading

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Fitness: LushProtein – My Current Favourite Sports Nutrition

Some people asked me what’s my fitness goal because they find it’s difficult to see me participate in any sports events. I don’t have the intention to be strong enough to lift weights 100 kilos or be able to complete a full marathon. I believe we all have our own personal fitness goal, and we shouldn’t follow what others are doing. My fitness goal is to be strong enough to carry my kids, and be able to chase them when they want to have fun with me. In short, I want to be fit and strong enough for my family. Continue Reading

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