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GFA: Day 1 – Married at 14 and Widowed by 21

What would you do when you have to say ‘yes’ to an arranged married when you are 14, the age where you’re supposed to start making memories in high school with friends? I couldn’t imagine myself getting married at such a tender age because when I was in my 14, I was struggling hard with my studies. My parents were very strict because education is more important than anything. I was very lucky to have a strict parents because some do not have the opportunity to enjoy being a student that they have to end up into an arranged marriage.

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Life: My Blogging Goal For Year 2016

There are times when I do feel as if I contribute nothing for other people. There’s something that empty inside me, an urge for me to help those who are in need, even if I have to pray. Thus, blogging is just a place for me to write something which help people to make purchasing decision. However, I still feel the emptiness which I went to look out for something else, or maybe something that can make other people believe that miracles are there when we least expect them. And then… I stumbled upon this site which is going to change my life, forever.

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