Broken Malay Sent To My FB Inbox

I was checking my FB messages which I’ve been ignoring it for a few days now. I just can’t stop giggling reading this so-called direct translated message from a guy – Of course he’s not from our country. It sounds like this…
hai apa khabar dan cantik untuk jumpa lagi anda melihat telaga yang bagus kini hari-hari iam bahasa saudara pengajian Melayu boleh saya menjadi kawan anda ulang tayang saya dan menghantarku permintaan kawan
Gosh! I cannot even understand a SINGLE of it! Can anyone translate it back into English? (O_o) Guys, if you’re trying to send me another broken Malay message, you won’t get any reply from me then… Serious! I do appreciate the effort but puh-leeze lah… No direct translation using google translator or whatsoever you called it…
SUMANDAK BILANG: Well = Telaga, Study = Pengajian, Again = Ulang, Show = Tayang… Gosh! XD

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