The Jesselton Girl Review: Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega [BOOK]
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Review: Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega [BOOK]

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This review is supposed to be written last month but it had to be delayed due to my tight schedule. I received this book from the author himself, Russel Lazega. It’s an interesting and warmth memoir dedicated to Bubbie. I would like to thanks Russel for sending me this great book about Bubbie.

What They Say

She escaped the almost certain death of a concentration camp, so breaking out of a nursing home is small potatoes. She beat it out of a Polish ghetto by refusing to take orders, so she won’t likely take that medication. Just how is one Jewish family in Miami Beach going to make sure their matriarch, Bubbie, gets something she would never have dreamed of needing . . . help surviving? Managing Bubbie is the family memoir by grandson Russel Lazega that recounts the vexing days in the 1980’s when his family banded together to attempt the insurmountable. Full of wit, warmth, and awe-inspiring will, Managing Bubbie offers a rarely seen glimpse at the deep reserves of compassion, courage, and even comic relief that emerged during the darkest days of the Holocaust. Anyone seeking a new perspective on this defining time, or who share the challenges of managing a difficult family member’s health, will find so much in this poignant book.

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WINNER OF 15 BOOK AWARDS. Her devoted family only wants the best for their Bubbie. Mostly they want to ensure that their matriarch’s twilight years are spent in comfort, safety, and serenity. But how do you manage an aging, immutably stubborn Holocaust survivor who has risen above the squalor of Poland’s ghettos; fled across the war-torn German wilderness; and survived the winter-ravaged Pyrenees alone on foot with three children? You probably don’t.

Managing Bubbie is the heartrending, hilarious family memoir by Russel Lazega that recounts the frequently hectic, ever-exhausting trials of one Jewish family in Miami Beach as they try to oversee the care of the elderly, unmanageable Lea Lazega. As they scramble for an acceptable assisted living facility and struggle to get her medication in line, they discover the difficulties of controlling a woman who time and again eluded catastrophe by refusing to be told what to do.

The Jesselton Girl Review: Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega [BOOK]

A tapestry of an American family in the 1980s, Managing Bubbie also revisits the Holocaust period to mine the love, hope, and humor that emerged from the deepest despair. Anyone who savors a soft heart with a sharp funny bone will laugh, cry, and commiserate with the confounded family who must manage their beloved, impossible Bubbie.

About Russel Lazega

Author Russel Lazega is a lawyer living in North Miami Beach, Florida. He is a columnist for the Aventura News and the author of several nonfiction publications, including Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law and Practice (PIP), the nation’s leading treatise on Florida car insurance law that stirred tremendous excitement throughout Florida’s bustling community of insurance agents and insurance lawyers. Managing Bubbie is Lazega’s first foray into creative nonfiction. When he is not writing, or chasing after a pair of fire-breathing, house-wrecking T. rexes impersonating small children, the author can be found kayaking the waterways of South Florida, venturing as far as the tide will take him from his loving, but indescribably overbearing, family.

What I Say

Managing Bubbie is a charming story of survival of a Jewish family matriarch in Miami Beach, and how they try their very best to keep everyone in the family together as well as ensure that Bubbie’s later years are full of happiness, and comfort. There are photos attached in this book which includes a unique blend of laughters and sadness. I must say this book is a must read!

The Jesselton Girl Review: Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega [BOOK]

Bubbie or Lea Lazenga is a Holocaust survivor who has endured so much hardships during her younger years. She survived growing up in Poland during those times, and made her way to United States to have her own family. Due to her experience, she is the matriarch of the family but takes a great deal of patience, and perseverance to keep up with Bubbie.

Managing Bubbie is not your mere reading because it completes with hope, laughters, and family bonding.  I find this book has more than just a sweet story of a Yiddish grandmother. There’s no a dull part because everything has its own ‘spiciness’. 

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