The Jesselton Girl Book: Becca Fisher's Heavenly Blessing (Amish Romance)
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Book: Becca Fisher’s Heavenly Blessing (Amish Romance)

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I’ve been reading a few novels nowadays, but they are all about faiths. Not intended to turn my blog with religious, anyway. This is going to be a short review about a book which I read a few days ago, and just finished reading it this afternoon. It’s a romance about an Amish woman, Abigail. She was against her father’s will for the arranged marriage, in which she has to help her parents with the family business after she got married. The quilt business wasn’t her passion, and she wanted to set herself free. So, she left her home. Then, she met with a man whose father is a Pastor. They went out, and then fell in love. bla bla bla. I won’t tell you the ending of this story. You have to find it out yourself.

The Jesselton Girl Book: Becca Fisher's Heavenly Blessing (Amish Romance)
Abigail is supposed to live a plain and simple life. To work in her families quilt shop and marry one of the local boys. But when she meets a handsome outsider, plans start to change, forcing Abigail to make the decision of a lifetime.
Anyway, I find this is a good story but it’s quite bland. The writing is ‘not-so-good’ as the author didn’t elaborate on Amish life (because I had to Google what Amish is all about as I’ve never seen or even meet an Amish before), and I hardly imagine how Abigail looks like (Does she wear scarf? What’s her favourite color?). The ending is quite abrupt. I mean, what’s happened to the father after they both ‘quarrelled’ the other day? I like how the man loves Abigail so much that he didn’t even have to push Abigail to do things according to his will. The character of Abigail’s father is rather stubborn, but it’s understood as he’s trying to keep with his Amish belief. It’s not an easy task to accept other’s belief if one has held it for a very long time. I’d say that Abigail has her father’s character but the ‘man-of-her-life’ managed to change her attitude.
Despite of negative reviews which I found over the Internet, I still think this book has a nice story, the only lack in this book is the plot is too general in which the ending has been cut off. I’m looking forward to read other books by Becca Fisher soon.

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