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Blogging: The Sabahan Bloggers

I have been blogging ever since I was in high school (that was about 22 years ago). Most people would say blogging is just wasting time but I still feel writing a blog is not just being open to the world. Blogging is actually a place where I tend to share the knowledge, experience, and tips. While some might say I have too much free time, I can say time management is crucial when it comes to blogging.

Blogging is not about who has the least grammatical errors or the ‘richest’ vocabulary. Of course having minimal errors are important but that does not mean one should label a blogger as ‘stupid’ or ‘laughing stock’. Anyway, I’ve decided to list down some of ‘still’ active Sabahan bloggers. I’ve seen my friend’s list here but I guess they are no longer updated. This post will be updated, so please leave your blog link in the comment box. Inda paduli blog ko dalam Bahasa English atau Malay ataupun Chinese, as long as you’re a Sabahan (urang Sabah). 

The Sabahan Blogger List

Vivien Dumpangol The Okay Arms Sharon Boyd
Daphne Iking DSP Dr. Salleh Said Keruak Rungitom Life
Kay Masingan Beaty John Eudora Priscilla
Stella Claire Richard Mei Tzeu Steffiana J
FFM Digital Memories Aemy Nadira Edith Joimin
Joan Moo Wyne Mouren Jard The Great
Augustine Jumat Ennie T Rando Amanda Gaby Peter
Phyllicia Robert Viviane Rozer The Green Mechanics
Just 2 Story Sasha Tien Wen Wink
Jo-Ann Jamz Dolly MJ Sheila Taquila
Cindy Jane Geraldine Yong Edisi Blogger
Mimi Ahmad Orang Sabah Mas Light
Lari Telanjang by S.K Mr. Zul
Azwa Amanina Elih Japahar Ana Jonessy
Chloe Tiffany Lee Kak Mahh Murphy Ng
Calista Leah Liew Lorna Timbah Everyday Food I Love
Foodiot KK Sylvia Easter Clever Munkey
Parents Avenue Ceres Sakuya Marc Mojitoh
Girllyen Budak Hutan Charlotte Fong
Sharina Elyana Miss Arnab
Ini Kisah Tia I am Tini Mommy Fiqa
Syu Saidil Shahirah Ecetera Hunny Ieda
Nurhidayah Suhailee Kak Gojes Yatie Owner
Dedaun Comel Nurulatika Y Etuza
Precious Cla Rahmad Graphic Nurul Baidurah
Liza Izara Mrs Pip Kisah Emas Putih
Opzzpinky NNizati Nour Adieb
Sabahan Blogger Eca Dwinky Asha BBwana
Mia Kassim Unni Anje Jun Zie
Mrs Velentine Asha Lya
Dayve Rampas

I am a graduate with a BA in Accountancy (Hons.), and have recently graduated with an MA in Business Administration (MBA). I'm currently taking a crash course Diploma in Financial Trading apart from being a candidate for PhD in Business Administration. I love make-ups so much that I took a Professional Diploma in Make-Up Artistry from a local make-up academy, and now, I am a certified professional make-up artist who has been travelling all over North Borneo to make people look prettier. I've been in this industry for nearly 5 years now and even have my own make-up team with my partners - Sylvia, and Janet. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products, and share my experience with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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    1. Hi dear, if you would love to have new bloggers based in Sabah, I can actually recommend some of my blogger friends. I can recommend and They are both in Sabah. 🙂

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