Bewitched in Tokyo

okusamawamajoDue to inability and difficulty to ‘wash-spin-wash-spin-dry’ my telencephalon, I finally come to a decision to watch DVD… Bewitched in Tokyo. I know some of you (the J-Dorama freaks) out there already watched this lah… I’m a bit left behind… Anyway, I’m going to have myself a merry and laughable hours tonight. Buang dulu tu kerja and assignments. Me? Kerja? Ya… Me kerja now… I’m working now… Di mana? You have to search lor… Ask people around, if you dare or probably if you are busybody enough. Jan lupa bagitau sama urang lain yang sia kasi post dalam internet ada urang sakit lagi ahh… You think I don’t know kah~ Put or appoint many snoopers… That doesn’t really make me spine-tingling… Huhuhuhuhu~ XD
SUMANDAK BILANG: Urang lain tanya sia direct mah~ Ini main guna snoopers or even bida, disguise as someone else and then minta add dalam FB or FS… What’s the big deal? Macam aku indatau style lapukmu… Eh! Can make a song ody~ “Kau tetap dengan stail lapukmu… Mengintip segala gerak-geriku… Seolah-olah aku pencabarmu…” Cewah!

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