Review: Oliology 100% Natural Argan Oil Hydrating Facial Treatment
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Review: Oliology 100% Natural Argan Oil Hydrating Facial Treatment

You must have heard of Argan Oil before and you can actually find most of the products sold in the market are for face and body. Argan oil that is in pure form usually contain Vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids which help to treat certain skin problems such as acne, and dry skin. The Argan Oil is actually extracted from the kernel of the Argan tree in Morocco, and has been used for cooking as well as cosmetics back then. I actually got my Oliology 100% Natural Argan Oil Hydrating Facial Treatment from my uncle who brought it back from the States for the family. 

Argan Oil

There are numerous benefits of Argan Oil, and it is suitable for all skin types. Argan oil helps dry skin by stimulating the skin’s ability to retain moisture to hydrate the skin thus reduce itching and flakiness. As for sensitive skin condition, Argan Oil has healing property that helps to address skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and rosacea through its anti-inflammatory agents like Vitamin E, and Anti-Oxidants. Argan Oil is also great for oily skin whereby it provides the required moisture so the sebum production decreases.

Argan Oil

What They Say

Argan Oil is the “queen” of all facial oils, rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 Fatty Acids to help skin look and feel rejuvenated in so many ways. This 100% natural, versatile oil gives skin unsurpassed radiance and vibrance while concurrently protecting, softening and moisturizing skin. Use alone or add to your favorite face cream for added hydration and indulgence. All natural and preservative-free.

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What it does:

  • Infuses skin with enriched hydration.
  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • Lightweight, fast absorbing and non-greasy.
  • Provides skin with a luminous glow

Argan Oil

Oliology Facial Oils deliver moisture, boost radiance and give skin a healthy, dewy glow. These amazing all natural facial care must-haves are jam-packed with therapeutic grade oils for beauty boosting results and are the best way to deliver the most bio-available nutrients to your skin.

Argan Oil

What I Say

The Oliology 100% Natural Argan Oil Hydrating Facial Treatment comes in a 30ml amber glass dropper bottle. It has roasted nuts scents with thicker consistency. It quickly absorbed into the skin by penetrating deep into its layers. I have been using this mainly as night moisturizer to heal my skin while I’m sleeping. It does leave my skin with smooth and non-greasy. A proper amount of Argan Oil will never make the skin look greasy, and I only applied a few drops for my whole face and neck. Moreover, it’s also great as an agent for balancing the sebum levels thereby reduce acne breakouts without drying the skin. Yes. It does help me with my breakouts but takes some time to see the result in healing the scars.


It really helps me with hydrating the skin especially when I’m always in the air-conditioned room which tends to make my skin dry. However, the claims that Argan Oil helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is yet to be seen. I only noticed that it tightens and firms my skin especially the neck and face areas, which make them more elastic. However, it does not reduce the appearance of my under eyes.

It’s a good Argan Oil as it offers the benefits which my skin requires. I have been using this for a few weeks now, and I’m looking forward for the long-term benefits of using this Oliology 100% Natural Argan Oil Hydrating Facial Treatment. This 30ml can actually last for months!

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