Beauty: EBN® Active Stem Cell Cleanser Contains Swiftlet Nest Extract to Promote Youthful Skin
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Beauty: EBN® Active Stem Cell Cleanser Contains Swiftlet Nest Extract to Promote Youthful Skin

Edible bird’s nest is an ancient Chinese gourmet which is still a popular food supplement among Asian women because of its properties that can promote Qi, which is related to the respiratory system that improves the healthiness of skin. In fact, the protein of edible bird’s nest was found to be responsible for the anti-oxidation function to slow down the signs of aging. I actually won myself a giveaway on Facebook recently, so they sent me a basic EBN (Edible Bird’s Nest) skincare set in which I have promised them that I will write a review after using it. I’m not paid to write this post but I love writing a post as a token of appreciation for selecting me as the winner of their giveaway contest. Read more about what this product has to offer.

Basically, this locally produced skincare product incorporates exclusive techniques to extract premium swiftlet nest with the concept of recovery, and renewal. The EBN range which is rich in amino acids extracted from the bird’s nest is capable of restoring a wide range of different skin problems by stimulating the cells of epidermis and dermis to restore damaged cells as well as improve the production of collagen which support the skin elasticity, suppleness, and brighten the skin.

EBN Active Stem Cell Series

What They Say

Scientific researches have found that the main ingredients of edible bird’s nest are water-soluble protein, carbohydrate, trace elements of calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, iodine and 18 types of acid amino that promote growth and development of the skin and body. The special protein in edible bird’s nest contains bioactive molecules which aid the growth and the development of tissue, boost the immune system and protect the body against diseases.

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EBN® SKIN CARE: Royal Bird’s Nest- The ONLY Brand of Edible Bird’s Nest beyond your imagination. We adhere to the International Standard of Product QUALITY and SAFETY. EBN Active Stem Cell Cleanser exerts a mild action with fine foam to effectively remove the stratum corneum. It removes excessive sebum on the face and leaves it fresh, supple and exceptionally radiant. Some other features of this cleanser include:

  • An effective make up removal that cleanses deep within to remove excess oil and dead skin cells.
  • Deeply remove sebum blockage to prevent blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pimples.
  • Builds the skin’s natural resistance and enhance the immune response to fight bacteria and prevent acnes.
  • It effectively removes dead skin and keratin to increase skin clarity and skin tone balance.
  • Maintain the pH balance of the skin.
  • Repairs damaged cell structure, increase skin elasticity, and keeps the skin soft and light.

What I Say

This post is supposed to be written last month but due to busy schedule and my works were piling up, I had to postpone this review about EBN® Active Stem Cell Cleanser which I find really great on my skin. Frankly speaking, EBN® Active Stem Cell series is the first RBN product range I have used and I have no previous experience of using it. So, I’m actually a bit excited when I received this product because of its active ingredients of stem cell, and swiftlet nest extract.


The product comes in a medium-sized silver-colored (or greyish) packaging. The packaging is rather simple and it includes brief description, usage instruction, manufacturer details, and ingredients. The hygienic pump bottle ensure that only ample amount product is squeezed out from one pump, and the product is secured tightly with a bottle cap which is very convenient and travel-friendly.

I have been using this product for 6 weeks now and I’m amazed that this product is soap-free. It gently removes dirt, excess oil, and make-up residue that clogged my pores. It leaves my skin soft and supple without feeling tight. Besides, it’s fragrance-free and easy to rinse-off. It makes my skin squeaky clean and ready to proceed with the next skincare routine.


The product contains Allantoin and bird’s nest extract which should be the main focus as these ingredients promote a healthy skin and slowing down the signs of aging. This product might be seen just like other regular facial cleanser but one should aware that a good cleanser prepares the pores for next skincare routine without stripping off the benefits and leave the skin with dirts inside the pores.

This product might come in a hefty price but considering the research and development from the bird’s nest extract, and other premium ingredients, I think this is worth of beauty investment. Last but not lest, this product does not clog my pores, and my skin feel fresh. I might as well introduce this to others who are seriously looking forward to slow down their aging signs.

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