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Review: theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette

My uncle and aunt returned from the States recently for a short holiday, and they got me a face palette from theBalm Cosmetics. Once of my favourite cosmetics brands as it gives me more convenient to do my make-up in just one palette. This is actually my second face palette from theBalm. My first one was theBalm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette which my hubby gave me before our big day. He actually surprised me with the face palette as I was talking non-stop about theBalm. I actually saved it as it has sentimental value. Ngam kasi masuk dalam muzium sudah tu makeup sia. Today’s post is about another theBalm face palette because I have been using it for some times now. Just like my cousin Sasha said, “Very pigmented!” and she almost took it away from me. LOL! When we talk about cosmetics, it can be an endless, non-stop, no full stop. Sampai bisuk pagi pun belum tentu kamirang siap cerita pasal make-up. Continue Reading