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Beauty: How This ‘Mangosteen-in-a-Bottle’ SPRAY8 Heals My Skin

Do you know that mangosteens (manggis) usually take 8 years to mature before fruiting, and only 10% of the portion is edible? This tropical evergreen tree that bears fruits scientifically known as Garcinia Mangostana has been part of the traditional medicine in several Asian countries. The Queen of tropical fruits has proven to have the health benefits since 18th century and even Queen Victoria sampled it! Today’s post is going to be a miracle superfruits that can heal the wounds naturally! Read more to find out about this product.

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Beauty: Horien Eye Secret 38% 6-Month Disposable Colour Contact Lens in Daisy Grey

I recently won myself a set of Horien Eye Secret 38% Disposable 6-month colour contact lens in Daisy Grey. Apparently, Horien Eye Secret is one of the famous contact lens brand in Taiwan, and I’m so excited to be able to try out their latest contact lens. Read more to find out about what I think about this contact lens.  Continue Reading

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