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Food: BBQ Chicken @ Imago Mall Sabah

My first experience having a delightful was BBQ Chicken @ Berjaya Times Square a few years back. It was a pleasant one as the customer service was a nice one. I understand that when we mentioned ‘franchise’, it means ‘standardised and controlled quality’. I loved the food served there, and the cleanliness was at itsContinue Reading “Food: BBQ Chicken @ Imago Mall Sabah”

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Deals: Carole Hochman Is So Famous? But Why?

Tired with the same old nightgown? You can never go wrong with Carole Hochman’s everyday sleepwear in the softest material. You can always wear it without worrying of that itchy feeling (you know that feeling if you ever bought a China made before) or getting it torn off when washing it (in the washing machine).