2 Weeks… No Rest…

KENTE sudah habis… Ya… I thought I can relax lah kunun… Tau-tau I still have some assignments to be done plus some *tasks* which I need to get them into my OUT box before end of this month. I will be sitting for my final exam on early May. Frankly speaking, I haven’t study any of the chapters yet… Ummm… Since early this semester. I allow you to say that I’m out of my mind, insane, etc. Wahahahaha! Anyway, yang penting dan important is to get all these things done! No last minutes punya because I hate it… Kerja rumah jan last minutes tapi kalau balajar bulih last minute de… Hahahaha! WARNING: Please don’t do this at home… Cewah!
Inda lama lagi bulan lima! Yeah yeah! I wonder what this year punya bulan 5 have for me… Hiking? Chicks? Chucking my life all in? I don’t know… It really hard to predict…
SUMANDAK BILANG: For those who have been very generous and nice with their MU… I’m still with my LIVERPOOL! Paduli korang punya MU… I don’t care… YNWA! YNWA!

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